Dear Mr. Grouchy,

Excuse me, Mr. Hartmann. I listen to you very often and I appreciate that you are open, even to us other grouchy people.

Let’s get some things straight about education. We are putting more money into education than any other country, yet we have some of the most uneducated kids on the planet. According to Scientific American, during the Viet Nam War, the kids in Siagon had a much better education than ours.

Why? None of the news programs, and even your program, refuses to tell the truth about the source of this problem. The source is the fact that our TV programs not only don’t teach our kids to have a career, the make the smart kids into nerds. Look at Steve Erkel and a program called the 16th year. They make the smart kids to be the unpopular kids and the kids who can’t do anything right.

What ever happened to programs like Flipper and Gentle Ben which taught kids to grow up to be park rangers and ecologist. What happened to Sea Hunt which opened up SCUBA diving as a whole new field of job opportunities, or Rip Cord teaching rescue and skydiving?

Now we have only a couple of programs on TV that have good morals, but only teach the kids that you must grow up to be a rock star or hamburger flipper and make the program funny by programming us with their laugh tracks. TV is the big problem in this country.

One day I was at my girlfriend’s house and the kids were watching Saturday Morning, Fox Kids, Family Guy. I was wondering what the kids were watching so I went into the living room to see what their programs were about. I looked at the TV and briefly saw the Family Guy characters, then the TV went blank and a voice came on that said, “We need a massive, all girl, sex orgy, we’re all turning gay. Then the commercial came on.

I am now a grouchy guy myself and became very, very mad. I went to my old friend, the former Chief of Police and asked him if I would get into trouble if I went up to a ten year old girl and said, “We need a massive all girl sex orgy, we are all turning gay.” He stood up and almost hit me. I had to yell out that this was an exact quote from a kids cartoon on Saturday morning. He said that I would indeed go to jail for saying this.

Next I spoke to one of our states attorneys and asked him the same thing. He too said that I would go to jail. Then I went to our Sheriff and he said the same thing.

With freedom of speech comes responsibility in speech. When I can go to jail for quoting a kids cartoon, then the producers and TV programmers should go to jail for putting this into our kids minds.

Some other phrases on Family Guy were when the kid was saying to his mom. “I hate You: Another episode had the kid trying to have sex with the mom: Another program had the dad and mom in bed, the dad reached over, not knowing that the kid was in bed with them, and started touching the mom, but really the kids nose. The dad said that your nipples are getting hard. Then the dad reached down a little lower and touched the kids lips and said, ‘ And you’re getting wet too. WHAT. This is a crime that is protected under the freedom of speech, yet if we repeat this to a kid, we would go to jail, probably a privatized prison, a for profit business.

One young man that I discussed this with said that South Park was way worse. Bevus and Butthead too is super terrible. We are under attack by psychological terrorist and privatized prisons are making the profit. Security companies love this and so do the police, judges and lawyers.

Many years ago when my brother was in law school, he had a lot of lawyer friends. They told him that when divorce court came out that their income went up ten times. It’s interesting that most of the politicians have law degrees. To sum all of this up, we are teaching our kids to fail by using psychological warfare against our population so corporations can make ten times the money that they previously have. We are under an attack by psychological terrorist and we are laughing right along with the laugh track as our country goes down the drain.

Private Universities.

In about 1989 an Illinois university gave the coach a million dollar bonus because his basketball team won some big event. I don’t watch sports, so please excuse me for not knowing the details. But, what about the physics professor or the economics professor, they need to drop their professions and start bouncing a ball. Yet, the same university receives grant money from the government.

When I was going to another university, we had a very aggressive class in graphic production. The instructor was excellent plus. Being disabled, I missed several days and had problems catching up with the class. At the same time a basket ball player showed up for class only about three times in the whole semester and still received an A.

My friend at Berkley University had an Electronic Engineering Degree. She majored in art and then took a two month, extremely in depth course in electronics and received a masters in electronics. This is why she asked which way the polarity of a resistor was supposed to be put into the circuit. I’ve worked in Avonics for eighteen years and it takes ten years before a person really starts understanding electronics, that’s why it takes ten years to become a journeyman in that field.

Our universities are there for profit and our corporations need to hire foreigners to be engineers so that they can get the job done properly. Yes, I’m mad about all of this because when I joined the Navy we took an oath for defend our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. This psychological terrorism, against our kids and families, is a domestic enemy. When are our politicians and police going to stop all of this.

Games like Grand Theft Auto and other very violent games are also attacking our kids. The kids learn to steal, kill, have sex and disrespect our laws in every way.

Our Universities are filled with shoplifters and thieves that go ahead to become business leaders and politicians.

What are we teaching our kids, families and our nation’s future? Trash, that’s what we are teaching. We are teaching our kids how to fail in life. With four percent of the worlds population, we have twenty percent of the worlds prison population. Their domestic terrorism is really paying off and that’s why our lawyers are making so much money, our judges live in huge houses and our jails are designed to ensure that when a person is released, that they have almost no chance to get their lives straight and end up with severe psychological disorders.

Thank you very much Mr. Grouchy and have a nice day,

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, Arctic Explorer and Disabled Vet.

Somehow all of my titles seem contradictive, but you need to hear the whole wtory about all of that.


C. Jeff Dyrek's picture
C. Jeff Dyrek 6 years 49 weeks ago

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

What about Julian Assange, think about this.

His sexual crime was shared by his partner, she should be under the same penalities.

Since she was working for the CIA, this was entrappment.

Since she was paid by the CIA to have sex, and she was from the U.S., she is guilty of prostitution.

All soldiers take an oath, "To fight all enemies, both foreign and domestic." Julian was fighting domestic enemies by exposing the terrible war crimes by our government and private corporations. He had to do what he did to expose murder, torture, and everything else. He should be labeled as a hero for his work. I'm sure that he just didn't want to go and start leaking secret documents unless he was sure that they contained information about government crimes.

On Link TV, they showed a program about the Appology of an Economic Hitman. What we are doing is criminal and the only result is that most countries now hate the United States, while our streets are filled with drugs and murder and gang wars.

Take care and have a merry Christmas.

C. Jeff Dyrek

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