Thom’s question on 12-29-10 to Dan Gainer a great one! “What hopeful things do conservatives want?”

Thom yesterday with Dan was focusing on the fearfulness of the conservatives and noting the possible negative effects that this has on the brain, in terms of creating a less thoughtful, less reasoning person. He said that liberals are more hopeful and that this might produce more thoughtful, more reasoning, less “fight-or-flight” people.

He then asked Dan, “What hopeful things do conservatives want? Can you identify them?” and Dan said, “I can tell you lots of stuff we hope for – we hope for a better world. We hope for taking care of poor people. Look at all the Christian aid going to Africa. Look at all the Christians trying to help people in cities. Those are people hoping for a better world.” (Thom then asked if many of those Christians were not liberal.)

But Dan sure is not giving the traditional conservative line that wants to cut back on foreign aid, or use foreign aid as a tool to control other countries, that blames the unemployed for their lack of work, etc.

Thom’s question gets at the fact that the main method the righties use to control people is fear – e.g., Obama a Muslim born in Kenya, a socialist in the White House, Terrorists in Wal-Mart, Terror Babies, Death Panels, Obama-care, Gay rights destroying marriage, the need for wiretapping and the curtailment of civil liberties, etc., etc., etc.

The righties have nothing hopeful for people, just fear, fear, fear. They are not overly moved by the sight of people in need and in pain. (Katrina is the fault of the New Orleans’ people, a lot of righties said. Unemployment benefits creates unemployment, they say.)

This sure reminds me of Thom’s question of several years ago: “Name one thing that Bush did that helped the average person.” I think that at one point Bush pledged money to Africa for HIV prevention and sent some of it there and Thom thought that this act qualified as helping the average person.

Pretty darned little – pretty darned late – pretty ineffectual! And even then, I am certain that many conservatives criticized that move.

So, Thom, keep that question going – a very, very important one!


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ShroomDuke 9 years 4 weeks ago



It seems conservatives have a NIMBY approach to anything and everything that they FEAR might cost them money or place any kind of moral burden on them. it's always "someone should help the poor, sick, uninsured, etc" but never Me!

We hear conservatives talk about Morality, Honor, Truth, Patriotism, Compassion (by the way, what ever happen to "Compassionate Conservatism"? and where did Jesus give his "Tough-Love" sermon?) yet every one of their policies are either "counter productive" or they were NEVER ment to help anyone but themselves, from the War on Drugs <abject failure> to Iraq & WMDs (another abysmal Failure unless your goak is to redistribute America's wealth to the top 2% and break the back of Government <i.e. 'drown in bath tub'>) they have all been abject failures at helping "The People" of America but resounding successes at Wealth Redistribution, Corruption, Treason, Graft, and undermining the foundation of Democracy.

Conservatives seem to be motivated by Fear, Hate, Bigotry, Selfishness, Cowardus, Self Loathing, Jealousy, Masogeny, Sociopathy, Narcissism, and self destructive behavior, their answer for Environmental Degridation is "God's comming soon" so we will get a mulligan... Everything they say seems to be half-harted, half-joking, and very SELECTIVE in every way to their advantage.

When you ask these people about the GAY Prostitute in the Bush White House they will say "I don't know anything about that" and that is their answer on everything from Torture to Corruption,Treason and the International tribunal to judge political leaders accused of war crimes... it either doesn't apply to America or it's beyond their comprehension so it can not be considered.

Progressives and Liberals need to talk about OUR Values, Morals, Goals, Needs, Dreams, Hopes, and ignore the Conservative Montra because it is nothing but a Distraction, designed to Divide and Confuse! (this includes conservative democrats)

What are your Dreams, Morals, Values, Goals, Hopes, Ideas?

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