Seriously, has anyone figured out what the Republicans have ever done to help the average American Family? you know, the rest of us? At least within the last 40 years?

We now have Mitt Romney, who is giving Mormons a bad name, saying that we should respect him because he is wealthy. Sure sounds like Calvinism -- the belief that God rewards the righteous by giving them lots of money! He is wealthy and lives in the lap of luxury -- and on top of this we should respect him for his wealth? Oh, poor, poor Mitt! He needs softer beds than we do, and he loves his kids more than we love ours! What a crock!

I do not think that this is the kind of thing that an avowedly spiritual person should be saying. That because he is rich, among other things, by bending the rules of taxation (Baine Capital hired lobbyists to ensure their taxes wouldn't go up), we should respect him. Really? Someone who made a lot of money by lying to the government and misrepresenting the actions of Baine Capital? (At least at one point, the government was forced to pay millions to pick up the costs of pension funds, pick up other costs as well.) Someone who won't release his taxes for the last ten years? And he wants to run the country? That is just laughable.

But to dig into the question more, what exactly have Republicans done in the last 40 years that has benefited the average person? Seriously? I mean, we had Ike with the National Highway Project and Nixon with OSHA, and several other programs -- including environmental protection, but since then, it's been money and greed for them all the way. And the poor and needy take the hindmost! "I'm okay, Jack! I've got mine -- the heck with you!"

So perhaps I'm exaggerating here, but please correct me -- what law has made it through the House of Representatives, the Senate, sponsored by Republicans that has helped the average person?

And today we hear from Romney that a rapacious, greedy person, who has worked to enrich himself, herself, etc., is worth more than the average teacher, firefighter, parent? Who has less money but who is playing by the rules and who is helping those around them?

What kind of metric is this? And what voters really are likely to believe this?

Certainly over the last 30 years people are increasingly conditioned to believe that they might just "strike it rich"--with the lottery winning or some sort of incredibly low probability event. Thom talks about how our view of wealth has shifted over the years, from the Honeymooners with their one room flat to the fabulous mantions of Dallas, with millionaires giving orders to others.

But this kind of "casino wealth" (let me name it that) is certainly nothing that can help bring the average person up, that can help pay for average families in average cities, that can make this country great again. People who believe that are simply out of touch with the real world, with their neighbors (unless their neighbors are multimillionaires too), or perhaps they know that average people can too easily be taken advantage of, and they are more than willing to do the shearing.

So seriously, has anyone figured out what the Republicans have done over the last 30 years to help the average person?

Let's restate -- they want to raise the costs for kids going to school, eliminate health programs, send our jobs overseas, cut corporate taxes, not worry about the environment, raise taxes on the poorest citizens, cut food stamps, etc., etc.

I do think that they believe that the more miserable they make the rest of us feel, they more successful they will be in the elections and elsewhere. They believe that if we are truly miserable, we will not go to the polls to vote for our values. So they think they can ramp up the misery, increase our fear and hatred of the very circumstances they have helped bring about through record filibusters, voter suppression efforts, saber rattling with Iran, etc.

Or am I wrong?

I'd love to wear a costume for a week that says, "I am Barack Obama! He says and believes the things I believe and want to say!"

Or am I wrong?


Caleb (who lived 8 years in Olaa, Hawaii, where the caller called from to Thom's show today -- Now Olaa is generally called Keau because Olaa meant "grave yard" in Hawaiian, and when much of the town burned down several decades ago, it was renamed -- but still a most lovely place with the nicest of people!)


mauiman58's picture
mauiman58 5 years 25 weeks ago

The Republicans have lowered tax rates and fought the fight to get the gvernment out of your business. The Republicans have taught Americans to take care of themselves and not rely on the goverment for every little thing. Not everyone appreciates that kind of "tough love" but if you have ever raised a child you will know that it is necessary.

Now we are stuck with three programs that simply cannot go on in their present form (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid). They are just too expensive, and there is no way we can pay for them going forward. Yet the Democrats have given so many Americans such a sense of entitlement that any mention of cutting these programs at all is greated with howls of protest from the left. And story after story about how Grandma will freeze to death because her Social Security check has been cut $10 a month. This madness has got to stop, and there is simply no way the Democrats have the guts to do it.

Bush_Wacker's picture
Bush_Wacker 5 years 25 weeks ago

LMAO. Way to go Maui. It's ok to cut granny's income by ten bucks when she can't afford to eat right as it is but keep your grimy hands off the billionair's wallet or even the upper middle class man's wallet. That's just not fair to make those who will never need a helping hand to share a little more. Leave them poor billionair's alone!!! Kill off granny, she's dragging down the economy! LOL

Caleb's picture
Caleb 5 years 25 weeks ago

Mauiman --

My father and grandmother were born on Maui -- I think neither of them would embrace the directions you offer -- Tough love? During Ike and earlier we had progressive taxes on the richest Americans but have largely done away with them now. Prorgessive taxation built the middle class, with the hugely rich paying a lot more in taxes than the average schlub. And they should -- because, as Teddy Roosevelt said, they make more use of the commons than does the average person -- their workforce is trained by the public systems, they take their goods to market on roads maintained by the common people working together, etc.

The Republicans want a draconian LIbertarian philosophy that every Repbulican 30 years ago knew was crazy. Crazy too is ignoring the impact we have on the global environment, on making it less possible for our kids to go to school, etc.

Republicans now want to intrude on women's right to choose -- and are finding ways to curtain contraception. They want to force schools to teach things other than evolution, etc.

These Republicans are crazier than a three-dollar bill!

If people don't want to be part of the government-supported system, then perhaps it is time for them to leave the country, because most Americans want to raise taxes on the richest Americans, want to cut the military, want to cut costs for college and help the environment -- I mean, it's not even close!

A country for anti-government people to consider is probably Somalia, or another country with dysfunctional government.

Why should incredibly well-off people not contribute their fair share? To give until it helps?


Caleb (Whose father graduated from Lahaina Luna High School on Maui)

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Katshores 5 years 25 weeks ago

well, my thoughts are quite simple. The Republicans have given us tax cuts which helps everyone; the people not to be depended on Uncle Sam for everything. If we work hard and limit what we want we can go far. Here is one way. I have my bank where I do business all the time. They dont offer any online banking or a debt card. I have to travel a distance to my bank. So if I really want an item I have to my babk and pull money out of my savings to get it but I have to think about it long and hard if I really want it and most times I dont need it. Heck I dont pay the lotto. Why? Do I feel buying a ticket that surpose will help the schools will actually help them? Finally if you feel you have trouble now with health care wait until its fully in effect. Ask the Veterans who go to the VA Hospital. Do they like waiting for care? 9 out of 10 of them dont like it.

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DdC 5 years 25 weeks ago

mauiman58 I See, The Brainwashed Never Wonder...

"Do you realize the responsibility I carry?
I'm the only person standing between
Richard Nixon and the White House."
~ John F. Kennedy

450 Stupid Things Republicans Have Said

That's just disgusting mauiman58. You dismiss Americans trampled by republican puppetry serving the multinationals and world banks. Traitors. Murderers and thieves. To even glimpse a thought otherwise proves it is possible to enslave a people voluntarily. You relish big brother telling you what is proper. You dare not walk in liberty out of fear. Maybe keep your nose out of peoples bedrooms and living rooms and stop bombing women and children over lies to make money bombing women and children. Or make money caging people. Or bailing out banks and making Madison Ave wealthy every election. To actually believe the hogwash you daydream out loud over would be terribly sad if you weren't a confessed GOPer. If you were kidnapped by GOPervs and forced to watch sean handjob or oreally. Maybe go onto the streets scoring Rush some Oxycontin. Faithful follower of John Birthers and the Dick Armey of Tom Delay liars and cheats. Back to the master liar Tricky Dick Nexxon. Filth. Scum. That is the Neocons that stole the party of lincoln that naive little mynahbirds spread as easily as they do beauty salon gossip. You spit on the spirit of America. GOPervs have raped Liberty, Pillaged Justice and Ransacked and shackled most of the Constitution and all ya got to show are your cheap words. Trouble with passing judgement from your ivory tower is when the pitchforks and torches get fed up. About now. Long way down, and quick. You started selling the country with Nixon, under Ike as he spoke against the Military Industrial Complex the Dick was shunned. Reagan selling Pebble Beach to the Japanese. Tried selling ketchup as a vegetable. Begging for the rich as you walk around the homeless grumbling. Disgusting. No Sadness at all for you. I feel you deserve everything you are going to get. Karma's a bitch. Typical utopian starry eyed and proud to cut out the band aids while continuing the lacerations. No regard for the actual Americans of which I don't consider republicans. Now tell me if this isn't a foreign terrorist or just a republican USA! Qaeda.

Fellow Conservatives: Our Position Is Hypocritical

Liberals have more gray matter in a part of the brain associated with understanding complexity, while the conservative brain is bigger in the section related to processing fear, said the study on Thursday in Current Biology.
Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
-- Upton Sinclair, "The Jungle"

Kyl Walks Back Planned Parenthood Claim:
It ‘Was Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement’
As ThinkProgress reported earlier today, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) defended Republicans’ willingness to shut down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood by falsely claiming that abortion is “well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.” In reality, just three percent of its work is related to abortion. Kyl’s office claiming the statement was not meant to be “factual”:

Latest Hypocritical GOPerversion, another Prohibition... On Women!
Foul play: War on women is real by Barbara Boxer
Pro Life? Not even anti abortionists...

"The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest."
--Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774.

Prohibit Elected Lobbyists and Yellow Journalism

"We the People are the rightful master of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who GOPervert the Constitution." Abraham Lincoln

Koch Roaches A.L.E.C. Drug Detention Centers
Kochroach & Aleech...
ALEC on the runa=dwKXKiN3ImI2KgN4G&s=edKMLRPnF5KDLPOzB&m=ahIOK6NHKkLRI7L

British study shows conservatives' brains tend to have larger amygdalas, which responsible for primitive emotions. Conservatives' brains have larger amygdalas than the brains of liberals. Amygdalas are responsible for fear and other "primitive" emotions. At the same time, conservatives' brains were also found to have a smaller anterior cingulate -- the part of the brain responsible for courage and optimism.
Conservatives Have Larger 'Fear Centers' in Their Brains

"To say that the [Bush-Cheney] secret presidency is undemocratic is an understatement. I'm anything but skittish about government, but I must say this administration is truly scary and, given the times we live in, frighteningly dangerous."
John Dean - former Nixon White House counsel

Conservatives without conscience by John W. Dean
Bushit Rumcheney Cocktail:Fascist Nationalism and MKULTRA

"You know, it's a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob?

►The Republicans have lowered tax rates and fought the fight to get the gvernment out of your business.

Nixon lied to schedule Ganja #1
Nixon Lie Keeps on Killing...
AMA Calls For Ending Nixon's Lie?
Nixon's 40 Year War On Drugs... Drugs Won!

"You're enough of a pro," Nixon tells Shafer, "to know that for you to come out with something that would run counter to what the Congress feels and what the country feels, and what we're planning to do, would make your commission just look bad as hell."
- Richard Milhouse Nixon

GOPerverts ARE the Oligarchy

"Marijuana does not lead to physical dependency, although some evidence indicates that the heavy, long-term users may develop a psychological dependence on the drug"
The Shafer Commission of 1970

Ganjawar Prevents Brain Tumor Treatment

"You can't depend on the man who made the mess to clean it up."
- Richard Nixon

The Planet Pigs...

Global Warming's Missing Heat

In Their Own Words: GOP Candidates And Science

Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas; it is a harmless gas ... And yet we're being told that we have to reduce this natural substance and reduce the American standard of living to create an arbitrary reduction in something that is naturally occurring in the Earth.
Michele Bachmann
Good bauchman, go suck on a tail pipe.

Global Warming's impacts sped up, worsened since Kyoto

Christian Extremism and Terrorism In History

Ban Fossil Fools for the Sake of the Children huffing it

While it is evident that the human right to produce and use energy does not extend to activities that actually endanger the climate of the Earth upon which we all depend, bogus claims about climate dangers should not be used as a justification to further limit the American people's freedom.
—Ron Paul,
Speech on House floor opposing cap-and-trade legislation, June 4, 2009

If the Environment Was a Bank, We'd already saved it.

"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those towards whom it is directed will understand it. Therefore, the intellectual level of the propaganda must be lower the larger the number of people who are to be influenced by it." "Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."
~ Benito Mussolini,
"London Sunday Express," December 8, 1935

Victims of Teabog rhetoric?
Birthers Officially Full of shit

"There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others."
~ Harry Anslinger,
U.S. Commissioner of Narcotics,
testifying to Congress on why marijuana should be made illegal
(Marijuana Tax Act, signed Aug. 2, 1937; effective Oct. 1, 1937.)

Pure evil
The solution is simple. Eat the rich.

"The easiest way to gain control of the population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamor for such laws if the personal security is threatened." - Joseph Stalin

A century of lies
Condemn U.S. citizens to 100 million man-years in prison. Autocrats forbid religious sacrament and prohibit a miraculous medicine. Corporate greed robs the planet and threatens the masses,

"At DEA, our mission is to fight drug trafficking in order to make drug abuse the most expensive, unpleasant, risky, and disreputable form of recreation a person could have." – Donnie Marshall, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Primary Reasoning
Remember Tulia? Race, Cocaine, and Corruption

"We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas."
~ Joseph Stalin

Constitutional GOPerversions & Their Pathetic Apologists

"Not only are we here to protect the public from vicious criminals in the street but also to protect the public from harmful ideas."
-- Robert Ingersoll,
then Director of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs,
in a column by Jack Anderson in the Washington Post, June 24, 1972,
p.31 (Ingersoll became the first director of the DEA in 1974)

Profound Hatred for Democracy

“A life predicated on being obedient and taking orders is a very comfortable life indeed. Living in such a way reduces to a minimum one's own need to think.”
- Adolf Eichmann (in writings reported in the NY Times, 8/13/99

The Village Idiots

[There is] a duty in refusing to cooperate in any undertaking that violates the Constitutional rights of the individual. This holds in particular for all inquisitions that are concerned with the private life and the political affiliations of the citizens.
~ Albert Einstein

A Turning Point in the Drug War

Bush. Religious drug treatment in Texas

Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban

►They are just too expensive, and there is no way we can pay for them going forward.

Strong corporate profits amid weak economy?

Con Flicts of Interest Bush Barthwell & Drugs

►Yet the Democrats have given so many Americans such a sense of entitlement that any mention of cutting these programs at all is greated with howls of protest from the left.

The fruits of elite immunity
White shirt thugs for "boil" is not a victory!
YeeHaw X Crackhead Drunk with Nukes!
The Authoritarians

►And story after story about how Grandma will freeze to death because her Social Security check has been cut $10 a month. This madness has got to stop, and there is simply no way the Democrats have the guts to do it.

TRAILER: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' - Now On DVD
Money Laundering Charges Eyed Against Limbaugh

Ganjawar: Slave Labor, Rape & Pillage Deterrent
Drug War Profiteers:
Book Exposes How Wachovia Bank Laundered Millions for Mexican Cartels

►Now we are stuck with three programs that simply cannot go on in their present form (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid).

Report: 26 U.S. Companies Not Paying Federal Income Tax

Ultimate corporate bailout - Repeal Price Anderson
Can America taxpayers afford to continue to insure nuclear reactors?

►Not everyone appreciates that kind of "tough love" but if you have ever raised a child you will know that it is necessary.

'Relax Your Muscles as Much as Possible'
Wall street's Spontaneous Abortionists
Pro Life? Not even anti abortionists...

Union-Bashing Right-Wing Media Stars
Confirmed: February 26, 2011
Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly
Are AFL-CIO Union-Affiliated Members
In spite of their criticism of unions in Wisconsin, AlterNet has confirmed that leading right-wing pundits are American Federation Television and Radio Artists union members.


►The Republicans have taught Americans to take care of themselves and not rely on the goverment for every little thing.

Tax Cheats Bitching About Saving Taxes?

GOPervert Tea Baggers for Oxy Fauxnews

Neocon Teabogs Really Are "Bloodlusting Terrorists"

Are the Teabogs Traitors, Serving a Southern Neoconfederacy?

A Teabag is a teabag is a teabag...

media_muse 5 years 25 weeks ago


Nothing but

nonsense they republicans have given us.

kaesshst's picture
kaesshst 3 years 25 weeks ago

Hi Everyone

Here is a list a friend sent to me which obviously he cut and pasted.

Would love to hear arguments/thoughts on this list

What republicans have done

1) Emancipation Proclamation (1863): The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, issued an order freeing all slaves in the confederacy.2) End of the Civil War (1865): Abe Lincoln guides the north to victory in the Civil War and reunites the nation.3) Women's right to vote (1872): Republicans Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton write the text of the 19th Amendment, which is introduced by Republican Senator Aaron A. Sargent of California. The Amendment was finally ratified in 1920.'4) Victory in the Spanish American War (1898): Republican William McKinley achieves victory in the Spanish American War and forces Spain to give up its claim on Cuba.5) Construction of the Panama Canal (1904): Under Republican Teddy Roosevelt, America takes control of the Panama Canal and builds it into one of the most crucial locations in world shipping.6) First woman elected to U.S. House of Representatives (1916):"Jeannette Rankin, Republican from Montana, becomes the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives."7) Construction of the Hoover Dam (1928): Calvin Coolidge signed a law allowing the construction of the Hoover Dam to begin.8) Jessie Owens wins four gold medals in the Olympics (1936): Republican Jessie Owens humiliated Hitler by winning 4 gold medals in the Berlin Olympics. Owens said he "was treated marvelous by everyone. Anything any of the American athletes, including myself, wanted they got for us. My biggest thrill was when theAmerican flag was raised after my victory in the 100 meters."FDR responded to Owens legendary victory by refusing to invite him to the White House, prompting Owens to say, "Hitler didn't snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram." Truman also ignored Owens, but when Republican Dwight Eisenhower became President, he made him "Ambassador of Sports."9) Jackie Robinson becomes the first black American to play in the Major Leagues (1947): Republican Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball when the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Republican Branch Rickey, brought him up to the major leagues.10) The Interstate Highway System (1956): Republican Dwight Eisenhower begins construction of the Interstate highway system.11) Desegregating schools (1957): Dwight Eisenhower "deployed the 82nd Airborne Division to desegregate Little Rock’s government schools over the strenuous resistance of Governor Orval Faubus (D., Ark.)."12) The First Asian-American U.S. Senator (1959): The first Asian-American senator, Republican Hiram Fong, is elected in Hawaii.13) Civil Rights Act of 1960: "Eisenhower signs the GOP’s 1960 Civil Rights Act after it survived a five-day, five-hour filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats."14) The Reagan tax cuts (1981): Republican Ronald Reagan revitalized the listless U.S. economy with tax cuts that created a massive surge of jobs, economic growth, and prosperity.15) Collapse of the Soviet Union (1991): Ronald Reagan's tireless work against the Soviet Union finally paid off as it formally dissolved in 1991, while his former Vice-President, George H.W. Bush was in office.16) The Gulf War (1991): George H.W. Bush formed a coalition that forced Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.17) Welfare reform (1996): After Clinton vetoed two previous versions of welfare reform, Republicans sent it back to him a third time and he finally reluctantly agreed to fulfill has campaign promise and sign the bill.18) A Republican Congress balances the budget (1998-2001): Republicans in Congress forced an unenthusiastic Bill Clinton to balance the budget in his second term.19) Retaliation in Afghanistan (2001): After the 9/11 attacks, Republican George W. Bush retaliated by driving the Taliban and their allies in Al-Qaeda from power. He then helped establish democracy in the country. Whether the nation will remain a democracy or how the war will be viewed by future generations is still unknown at this point.20) Condi Rice becomes Secretary of State (2005): George W. Bush selected Condi Rice to be his Secretary of State. She was the first black woman ever to hold that position.

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There's a 1 in 20 Chance of the Apocalypse. Shouldn't We Act Now?

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