The authors of this study clearly think this is a problem:

On the whole, the most scientifically literate and numerate subjects were slightly less likely, not more, to see climate change as a serious threat than the least scientifically literate and numerate ones. More importantly, greater scientific literacy and numeracy were associated with greater cultural polarization...

Dispelling this... we argue, should be understood as the central aim of the science of science communication.

People who know about science are less likely to think global warming is a "serious threat" — so the goal of science communication should be to change their minds. (After all, "science" is a community of people holding opinions, not a process, and "science" should pursue specific political objectives, right?)

Could it be that it's reasonable not to see "global warming" as a "serious threat"? Of course not. The authors are are tapped into objective reality itself — and are free from any kind of bias — so they know that's a completely wrong position.


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Calperson 8 years 30 weeks ago

Scientist at CERN have just completed research on high energy particles from the SUn and their impact on cloud formation.

However the scientists are gagged from talking about their interpretation of the results of the experiment. To be clear, they are allowed to talk about the actual results and data.

But they can't interpret it, not publicly, at least.

Why? Well, cloud formation is one of the areas that global warming cultists don't understand. Whatever they have discovered will have some impact on the global warming religion.

So, of course, scientists are warned not to take their scientific interpretations public.

Because, Heuer says, “That would go immediately into the highly political arena of the climate change debate. One has to make clear that cosmic radiation is only one of many parameters.”


Seems to me pretty likely that something in this undercuts a claim of the global warming cultists, and they are being extended the professional courtesy of getting a heads up and delay of the findings of this experiment, to give them time to prepare.

And that's what science is, isn't it? Delaying findings so that your colleagues, caught in error, have lots of time to start getting their press releases together.

Thanks to Circa.

The Theory... First of all, there's a six-part video on this, lasting an hour.

Several people explain, but Miss Marple is the most detailed:

I assume this supports Svenmark's hypothesis. You can see the whole thing on a documentary on YouTube called "The Cloud Mystery," about an hour in 5-6 parts.

Basic theory: clouds are formed when cosmic rays hit the atmosphere. The more cloouds, the more cooling. When the sun is very active, it's magnetism draws cosmic rays to it rather than earth, resulting in less clouds and less cooling. When sun is inactive, more cosmic rays hit the earth, resulting in more clouds, more cooling.

And when we go through one of the dense star areas of the Milky Way, it doesn't matter WHAT the sun is doing, because the stars make lots of cosmic rays and overcome the sun, so we end up being very, very cold. As in Ice Age.

All nicely correlated with astronomers, geologic data, etc. Very interesting and makes sense to me.

So... we don't know for sure, but it looks very likely that this experiment confirmed parts of this cloud-formation theory and thereby, by implication, discredits global warming.

Linking Canada Free Press, the findings are called "bombshell."

It does seem like the CERN experiment verified much of the Svenmark hypothesis.

Get ready for the next big bombshell in the man-made warming debate. The world’s most sophisticated particle study laboratory—CERN in Geneva—will soon announce that more cosmic rays do, indeed, create more clouds in earth’s atmosphere. More cosmic rays mean a cooler planet. Thus, the solar source of the earth’s long, moderate 1,500-year climate cycle will finally be explained.

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