I sure can't wait to see the Thom Hartmann generation go. He and the rest of the Baby Boomers ruined the culture of this country, threw away the untold riches bequeathed to them, betrayed and undermined centuries of wisdom, spread the use of drugs, legitimized divorce and abortion, and even managed to screw up the civil rights movement that might otherwise have been their signal achievement. On the other hand, they did give us pre-faded jeans, so I guess that’s something.

All this misery they heaped on America and the west while retaining a sense of arrogant self-satisfaction and self-justification that, were it not for our knowledge of sinful human nature, would defy understanding. The defining characterisitic of the Boomer is that they lacked "Willpower", They pursued the "if it feels good do it" sentiment that swept out from the hills of Woodstock and into the collective American physche. Unfortunately willpower surpasses even intelligence as a predictor of success in life. Behaving well, behaving responsibly, learning the norms of politeness and refusing to abandon them without good reason tend to make you a more self-controlled, successful, and finally a better person.

This is precisely the wisdom the Boomer generation threw away. Their promiscuity, adolescent foul-mouthedness, bad manners, and disregard for tradition — all of which they claimed were a new kind of freedom — were in fact the precursors to the very oldest kind of slavery: slavery to one’s own impulses and desires. This slavery, packaged in the Sixties as “identity” or “culture” or “the right to be yourself,” ultimately leads to enslavement by others as it makes you indolent and irresponsible and in need of protection and restraint by the powers that be. A poor black man’s journey from hip hop culture to prison is a perfect example. So is a middle class white man’s journey from moral license and unwarranted praise to his sniveling need for an all-providing — oh, and by the way, all-powerful — state.

A government that wants more power knows well it can acquire that power by stripping the citizenry of every need and opportunity to provide for and take control of themselves — every reason to exercise their will. Welfare, unending unemployment benefits, “free” health care, business bailouts, the “right” to live off your parents’ insurance until you’re 47 or whatever: these, not religion, are the true opiate of the people.

Thoms generation, using the loftiest possible language, destroyed the loftiest possible image of man — his image as God-made creature endowed with the right to be left alone. Instead, they declared him a weak collection of needs with some mysterious right to have those needs paid for by other people’s earnings. They told us government had to provide the citizen’s material needs even if it hampered his ability to live free.

Instead they should have asked: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, if he forfeits his own soul?”

Thom thinks things started going bad in the 80's because he desperately wants to pin things on Reagan and Republicans. His Ego can't even look at the 70's and the true cause of Western society's decline. He and his peers.


eileen from franklin's picture
eileen from franklin 6 years 7 weeks ago

Thom 700 Airplane Pilots joined the protesters on Wall Street and I have not seen any footage on this. It would have been very impressive and compelling. Please air some video on this if it is available. Thank-you

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 7 weeks ago
Quote Calperson:

A government that wants more power knows well it can acquire that power by stripping the citizenry of every need and opportunity to provide for and take control of themselves — every reason to exercise their will. Welfare, unending unemployment benefits, “free” health care, business bailouts, the “right” to live off your parents’ insurance until you’re 47 or whatever: these, not religion, are the true opiate of the people..

Opium has always been the opiate the People, this generation, the last and all others before. Just ask The Queen. Though it was, in fact the Prescott Bush-GHW Bush CIA who drugged us, gave us LSD, meth, epidemic polio and AIDS. Their friends before them gave us the addictions of cigarettes and booze, and tested the polio virus on FDR. Horsies racing at Bowling Green go hand-in-hand with bookies and other rackets. Now it's Casino Royale and people spending social security on Lotto Tickets.

Bush friends gave us fatty snack foods, fatty franchises, fluoride in our water supply as a by-product of their aluminum industry, way back before Reagan. Their carbonated beverages dissolve our bones.

They gave us DDT, PCB's, agriculture based on poison and animal cruelty, and have fouled every clean niche on earth where a mineral, metalllic or oil resource was present.

They gave us Zyklon B (American Cyanamide), the American International Company and choo-choo trains which have been bankrupting the country since 1893.

You know, Calperson, Lincoln was a Republican but things have changed since he was hit by agents of the Union Pacific (Bush & Cheney) RR and Wells Fargo.

You never know who is who according to their professed political party- that's why the first book of The Bible is called Genes-Is.

Bush genes is Bush beans.
An dey's da ones
whose clocks we cleans.

Calperson's picture
Calperson 6 years 7 weeks ago


marilynb's picture
marilynb 6 years 7 weeks ago


Vlperez's picture
Vlperez 6 years 7 weeks ago

The blame Bush drones strike again. It's funny how Thom and all his listeners read from the same script. You see the same postings over and over again originating from different people. But I will continue to listen to the Thom/Obama zombies and the Rush ditto heads and make up my own mind. Not be a parrot and repeat what I'm told from the extreme left and right

Calperson's picture
Calperson 6 years 7 weeks ago

I know right, Lincoln was murdered by the agents of Bush and Cheney?


chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 6 years 7 weeks ago

Governtment doesn't want anything. Government is a tool. The things to complain about are the entities that have control of the tool. Myself, I like "We the People" controlling the tool. I do not like the TV machine controlling "We the People".

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 7 weeks ago

They have a Master Numerical Time Machine, you dumbkoffs - Jeez.

I have a perfect and legal right to claim that G.H. Walker & Company as Transfer Agent conceals the assets of my great-grandparents, grandfather, and mother along with those of The Estate of George Sebring, 1927, assets of Hughes Heirs and The Scrigna Bothers Walt Disney Company, the Estate of James I. Evans, the Charitable Trust of Frank Freimann, Magnavox President, and D.W. McMillen, former president of Central Sugar, then founder of Central Soya, to name a few families, all mingled in a pool used to crash banks and control commerce. Hey, I can prove it- What citations do you actually have on this subject?

Unfortunately for me, I probably know more Bush genetics than than their own present generation knows about themselves and from whence and how they came to be.

I suggest some of you who lack historical documentation behind your unsupported stream of refutes read the IndianTreaty of Greenville, The Papers of the Allen County, Indiana Indian Agent, the history of Thomas Ewing, and the newspaper archive beginning at least in 1812. You will also have to include London journals and later add the Colonial publications which are archived. By the time you get to 1963, you'll have a good sense of reality and fact.

Then read 1984.

It would also be good if you took some courses in bio-organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, microbiology, genetics, and ecosystem biosystematics. Learn taxonomy, and make sure and be at the top your class, I mean #1.

Then you will understand how substandard Harriman Eugenics came out to be, and how they worked so hard only to produce an inferior tribe of predators, opportunists, and occultists.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 7 weeks ago

I have never listened to the Thom Hartmann Show or any radio show. Radio shows give me anxiety attacks. The only radio I can tolerate is Classical Music. So there you are, wrong again. My material is 100% original true historical muck, like it or not.


Randy95023's picture
Randy95023 6 years 7 weeks ago

The "Thom Hartmann Generation"?

This thread seemed to have gotten a little sidetracked, so Back to the original post by Calperson...

Blaming the changes in the world that has led us down the path of "Socialism" is a little more complex that Calperson suggests. Following WW1 the Soviet Union completed their Revolution and the Communist cause arose worldwide. Fear of Communism helped create the backlash that rose Nazism to power in Germany. Fear of Communism following WW2 caused Great Britain to found the modern Social Welfare State. The Great Depression, followed by WW2 empowered Labor Unions and this, mixed with the fear of Communism, caused the USA to emulate Great Britain and Western Europe to a relatively slight degree of "Social Welfare" programs and the associated inflation and Gov't Deficit Spending.

For Calperson to imply that "Pinkos" and "Hippies" (my words) are the cause is SO simplistic that he either doesn't, or can't understand what's happened in the world these last 100 years...

Dude, Read a Book!

Peace, Randy

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 7 weeks ago

I suggest the book War, What For? published in 1904.

Robindell's picture
Robindell 6 years 7 weeks ago

Indeed, it is simplistic on the level of pre-kindergarten. This is the type who believes that blacks were better off under slavery, a mere hate-monger whose comments, based on lies, is so insecure that he has to come onto a site where he disagrees with the host and spew hatred in the form of anti-intellectual falsehoods.

The problem is the educational system gave passing grades to conservatives when they didn't learn anything just to get move them through the system and get rid of them.

Like the other guy said, read a book.

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 6 years 7 weeks ago

Assuming the concept of which 19 year period one is born into, causes like-mindedness, Thom, Obama and Dennis Kucinich are obviously very much to blame for the ills of the world today per your theory. If you include George W, John Boehner and Rand Paul, perhaps your theory still holds water.

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, on the other hand are good solid men due to their not being born into that Boomer generation. They can remember the good old pre-civil rights days fondly when men where men and women, blacks and gays knew their place. Now, what about that Socialist Bernie Sanders? He would also be a good man per your theory. Has anybody checked his birth certificate? Bernie must be a Boomer.

The next election does not offer up any non Boomers unless we can get Herman Cain in there right? We are screwed until 2016. Not to worry, we can still look forward to a President Rubio, President Jindahl or better yet President Paul Ryan to save us. Hope springs eternal.

Randy95023's picture
Randy95023 6 years 7 weeks ago

The next Presidential election bodes ill for all of us. Whether Obama gets re-elected or the other extreme, a Rick Perry Presidency just means that the Corporatocracy wins. I'm no Ron Paul supporter but at least he would make the Corporations pay hell.

Even the old Soviet Union had elections and a Politburo member incumbent had less chance of getting re-elected than either any Democrat OR Republican Congressman in the USA. We say; "Yeah, but they were ALL members of the Communist Party!" While that is true, ALL of our Congressmen are members of the "Capitalist (corporate) Party. Perhaps Bernie Sanders and a handful of Libertarians and Greens are not in the "Capitalist Party" but I think you get my drift. Corporate rule is, as Thom likes to say, Fascist rule (when the term "Fascist" is used correctly).

I think we are too far beyond "Left/Right" politics. They ALL seem to be Corporate...

Peace, Randy

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 6 years 7 weeks ago

The Corporate Party is the framing we should all use.

GOP is 100% Corporate while the Dems are only 75% Corporate.

We need to change those ratios. Even the GOP can be moved in the other direction.

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