How’s this for a Halloween horror: Adrienne Moton and Sherry West, who worked at a Philadelphia abortion clinic run by late-term specialist Kermit Gosnell, have pleaded guilty to murder as a result of participating in a slide down Row v. Wade’s slippery slope. As for Gosnell himself,

“Gosnell, 70, could face the death penalty if convicted,” reported theBoston Herald. “He is accused of cutting the spinal cords of seven babies born alive at his clinic.”

Those seven dead babies are only the tip of an iceberg. According to a grand jury report,

“Moton … assisted with abortions and followed Gosnell’s practice of using scissors to cut the spinal cords of late-term fetuses.”

The report described the plight of one victim, a newborn identified as “Baby D,” whose mother spent several hours in labor before delivering the infant into a clinic toilet, testified Kareema Cross, a clinic employee who has not been charged. “The baby was moving and looked like it was swimming,” Cross told the grand jury. “Moton reached into the toilet, got the baby out, and cut its neck.”

You can’t expect killing babies — I mean, helping a woman to exercise her right to choose — to be a pleasant business.

A bureaucracy comprised of moonbats is unlikely to scrutinize the activities of abortionists, given the intense commitment by liberals to abortion as a sort of ideological sacrament. Consequently Gosnell got rich committing these atrocities over a period decades.

As reported by The New American in January, shortly after the arrests in the case, over his 30 years in the business Gosnell made millions of dollars performing illegal late-term abortions while state regulators ignoredcomplaints against him and had not inspected his clinic in over 15 years.

According to Seth Williams, district attorney at the time of the arrests, Gosnell “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, [and] eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord.”

Reported The New American: “Most of the patients were unaware that their babies were born alive and then murdered. Many of the women were told that they were 24 weeks pregnant, even when they were further along.”

But few women want to know the details of what they are consenting to. Otherwise they would watch via ultrasound as their screaming children are dismembered.

Jeffrey Kuhner, a Washington Times columnist and president of the conservative Edmund Burke Institute, pointed out that, even when performed in the most pristine and sanitary of settings, abortion is still nothing less than “state-sanctioned infanticide. It encodes in law the pernicious principle that there is an entire category of people — the unborn — who are less than fully human.”

The result has been about 50 million dead babies in the USA since 1973. Down in hell, Stalin and Hitler are tipping their caps.

Gosnell might have gotten into less trouble if he had just left the babies alone to die — a practice aggressively championed by the morally depraved moonbat who is now President of the USA.


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