I watched the movie "Fair Game" last weekend, and it renewed my anger that neither Bush nor Cheney, let alone Rove, were impeached or prosecuted for the crimes they committed that have plunged this nation into such distress.

The movie was factually based on books written by Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson. It clearly details that the Bush Administration was well informed that Iraq did not have the capability to make nuclear weapons, and that the intelligence it received from the CIA was disregarded. The act of leaking the identity of an undercover CIA officer to embarass Wilson for whistle-blowing to point out there crime was an act of treason. It led to the deaths of several CIA informants in Iraq and the likely deaths of several other foreign agents working on missions in many countries for Ms. Plame.

Although Scooter Libby was made a scapegoat who was offered up to be prosecuted and convicted, he served no time. Evidence made it clear that the conspiracy extended to the Vice-president and President. The only argument against prosecuting all of those involved was the old one that they were ignorant, that Libby was acting on his own. As they say, ignorance is no defense in the eyes of the law! If Bush truly was allowing members of his administration to conduct a disastrous foreign policy, he is guilty of gross negligence and incompetence! However, I'm sure a jury would find beyond a reasonable doubt that Bush and Cheney did direct this fiasco. The charges of treason, criminal enterprise in invading an innocent nation under false pretenses, and, as Vince Bugliosi would have it, mass murder could definitely be made to stick.

If we acknowlege that the reason no impeachment or prosecution was undertaken by the Obama administration was to "allow the country to move forward," then a dangerous precedent has been set. In a nation of Law, all offenders must be prosecuted, or the next perpetrator will be emboldened to even more heinous acts. I am very concerned that any future Republican administrations may commit even worse crimes, and the actions of the current House of Representatives certainly bear out that concern.

As another example, the financiers who committed fraud and other illegal acts to cause the collapse of the economy in 2008 have not been investigated by the Congress nor Department of Justice. Fortunately, many state Attorneys General are seeking indictments of the banksters. Yet, what could be the excuse of the DOJ for not acting?

We must speak out for our position that we are a nation of Law, or we will cease to be a nation of Law.


carprog 8 years 31 weeks ago


I've also seen "Fair Game", great movie!!! I doubt many people have seen it unfortunately, same with "Farenheit 911" & "Recount". I doubt they'll get replayed anytime soon on TV Networks until after the 2012 elections. I agree with your statements about the George W. Bush misadministration. This movie should be seen by everyone who cares about this country. Many people won't dig for the facts themselves but will understand the serious implications if they see it.

But the Repugs have shown that they'll commit treason as Tricky Dick Nixon did in 1968 with the South Vietnamese & Ronnie Ray-gun & George H.W. Bush did with the Iranians in 1980 & will install an unelected idiot in the White House TWICE!!! "Treason R Them". After all they can't serve their master$ very well without being in control. Anything goes to get in office & then also while "serving".

Valerie Plame is even better looking than Naomi Watts!

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