Couldn't we, wouldn't we, have avoided all this flap over healthcare if the administration had passed a constitutional amendment making healthcare "constitutional" in the same way that the 16th Amendment made the income tax "constitutional" when previously it was considered to be unconstitutional?

Just asking!


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Calperson 6 years 33 weeks ago

The real question is; "If Obamacare makes it illegal to purchase health insurance across State lines, then how on Earth does the Commerce Clause apply?"

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CARL OLSEN 6 years 33 weeks ago


With all respect, that isn't the question. That just puts the issue right back into the lap of the nine unelected kings and queens of America (as Thom likes to call them). This crew siezed the role of Constitution interpreters as if they had pulled off a coup.

The point I'm trying to make is that the administration could have taken the Supreme Court out of the equation, completely, by going around them and simply amending the constitution. There would have been none of this circus.

I'll give you this, if you want to continue to give SPOTUS the power they stole from the "We The People" then your question is "the real question." I just don't want to give them this power anymore.


Carl Olsen

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