A caller on the show asked you, Thom, how citizens can be so easily fooled by certain politicians... remember "Shock & Awe"?

On September 11, 2001, our Nation was not only emotionally traumatized, but also psychologically paralyzed by dramatic, unfolding events. As one of the most horrific scenes in our country's history, we were compelled to stay tuned to media reports as each wave of news gripped our souls with fear and shear terror. No words can ever begin to describe the chaotic and cataclysmic circumstances surrounding the 911 attacks and its treacherous aftermath.

We were all so enthralled in the clutches of this historical, venomous incident that we, as American citizens were ultimately effected for years to come. Just like any post-traumatic stress disorder, we live and breathe in constant fear. This fear translates into what is commonly known as "Stockholm Syndrome."

What is Stockholm syndrome? Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological effect created by hostage-like situations (e.g., battered wives, abused children, etc.) whereby human life is dependent upon the actions of the more powerful party or to persons who have the power to delegate situations that could elevate or worsen livelihood; or, placement position where power is used to show force if individuals do not conform to the more powerful party.

How does Stockholm syndrome affect its victims? Ironically, persons affected (by Stockholm syndrome) become overzealously loyal to the person(s) in power - despite the risk of danger in which captors may place that individual. Incredibly, military strategists use psychologically demanding recruit basic training, (similar to induced Stockholm syndrome) to forcelasting, but crucial bonds to survival.

So how does Stockholm syndrome figure into the scheme of an entire nation? There is an irrational and bizarre tendency for persons to form a strong, emotional bond to the more powerful party or parties so to maximize odds of their livelihood. Basically, the syndrome is prompted by human survival instincts, and is in affect pseudo psychological. This pseudo psychological mental process is the umbrella under which this nation now stands.

Initially, my own mind went into high gear to overcompensate the deeply disturbing and graphic pictorials that were being presented on live television. I, too, was caught up in the pseudo psychological feelings that were being emotionally invoked. The problem with psychologically induced phenomena is that many individuals cannot overcome feelings of fearfulness and trauma; and continue with this puzzling, and often lethal behavior.

I am deeply concerned with the fact that local and even national media outlets are seemingly corrupted with bias news. There are major psychologically-damning breaches that are continuously being swept beneath the virtual rug of society. Subsequently, part of that extremist population has become mentally paralyzed with ideological beliefs in effect due to the pseudo psychological umbrella of right-wing talk.

I am not a licensed psychologist -- I cannot "cure" Stockholm syndrome, but as a citizen, I can make others aware of this dire situation to wake up an alienated nation.

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doh1304 5 years 31 weeks ago

I"m not much better versed than you, and could well be less versed, but I've always thought that the Stockholm Syndrome was not instilling loyalty through threat, but sympathy, which assumes that no matter how twisted, there is something to sympathize with, and also that the sympathy is generated from the victim, not a conscious attempt from the threatener. Generating loyalty through a breakdown of self through the use of threat sounds more like brainwashing. By my analysis we are talking about the same process for the same goals, just a different term.

There is, however, a difference in intent. The hostage takers in Stockholm did not intend to convert people, they intended to take hostages. They tried to justify themselves and were convincing. I am not aware of the details enough to be convinced that this was a warping of the hostage's psyches or a rationalization on the part of the powers that be, refusing to admit the possibility that the hostage takers had a sympathetic position.

I constantly hear how American women are being broken down by the assumption of unattainable goals - of beauty, of success as both a mother and a career (though success is defined through salary, and women are assumed to be worth less, so even those who succeed are denied success), they are far better at explaining it than I. Men have the same, except that it's first a job (so they are constantly in fear of arbitrary layoffs) and salary (which is never enough, never what they deserve or need). Since the attacks are generated through gender roles the damage manifests itself through gender and sexuality and is then attacked that way through the same propaganda (All women are paranoid and unworthy and all men are lazy and rapists)

In my opinion the goal is not loyalty, but docility. People are being stripped of the self-worth to stand up for themselves and stripped of the hope of gaining strength by allying with others.

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Bush_Wacker 5 years 31 weeks ago

I would rather equate it to Munchausen Syndrome. At least from the politcians point of view. They seem to love to push us to the brink of misery and death. Then they wallow in the attention they receive when supposedly trying to heal our ills in order to keep being re-elected.

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