Two years ago, the LOML (my new husband) shocked the family and his doctor (who said he had heartburn--but that's ANOTHER story)--by having 2 heart attacks in 2 weeks, as well as two stent placements. We actually have decent health insurance, and eventually found out that they covered something like $250,000 in claims for the two hospital stays (each less than a week). Day after day we got tiny "we paid your benefit" notices for things like $75. John was on disability for a year, and our life was upended. We just stopped opening the darned things. Fast forward one year. Trying to refinance our home. But our credit is destroyed because of a few unpaid medical bills. To make a long story short, I tracked them down, and paid them, even though I have NO IDEA if we even owed them. Last week, almost 2 years after the heart attack, I got ANOTHER $56 bill that was "late" because the insurance didn't pay it and it just got itself to us. It woudl be very easy to do a scam on this, especially elderly people or people who didn't recover as well as my husband. Our mortgage broker advised us to simply pay it but negotiate that they delete any collection or late notices if they want the full amount.

We are quite certain we have paid some bills multiple times. Yes, we can find out from the insurer, or the collections, or the provider--but its time consuming beyond belief, and most are only open during normal business hours and or make you wait on the phone for hours. Seriously, anyone could send us a lab bill for anything, and in order to presere our credit, we would just pay it right now. This has potential, easy scam written all over it. All I can say is that at least the credit raters (except perhaps not transunion) allow you to indicate late payment by insurer to get rid of some dings. But we were lucky, my husband recovered. This has taken away so much of our time to celebrate. And if he (still) had a life threatening illness, it would be taking away so much of our time to treasure until he would be gone. Single Payer makes sense. For so many, many, many reasons! And one more thing: the fact that ONE ding on a perfect credit (that you didn't notice on time, or that you double paid , or that they made up!) can keep you from getting a refi is outrageous. The power is way to far on the opposite side of consumers.Thanks for listening!


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Robindell 1 year 29 weeks ago

At the present time, talking about single payer coverage is computerized wishful thinking. The country is struggling to hold onto not only the basic Medicaid program, but the more recent expansion of it in a certain number of states under the Affordable Health Care Act. Even if the Democrats took over Congress, that would probably not be enough to pass a universal national single payer bill. There are probably still too many Democrats who would not support that. Even if they did, you would need a Democratic president who is progressive enough and concerned enough to sign such a bill. All of those changes will take hard work and, quite frankly, money. The left is too disorganized and in some cases obsessed with hating the Democratic Party to support candidates who would be willing to pick up the mantle of single payer.

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Gaius 1 year 29 weeks ago
Quote Robindell:At the present time, talking about single payer coverage is computerized wishful thinking.

Not for those fortunate enough to live in California.


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