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Republicans stoked up anger among the voters and focused the anger on Obama . The Democratic pundits did the same thing but unfortunately they focused their anger on Obama as well. The anger cascaded across the country and reached catharsis on election day. The bottom line is that we helped in our own demise.

Of course our criticism was valid but it did not help us win the election. We should have focused our anger on the obstructionist Republicans and how they were blocking the recovery, and job creation, and on the good things that the Democrats had accomplished. We should have focused over and again on how Republicans were for giving more power to corporations than to the government of the people and on the atrocities of the Bush years.

In the 1990’s the Republicans spent tons of airtime vilifying the word “liberal” and focusing the anger on Bill Clinton. This was the beginning of their campaign to elect George Bush. The trick is that the Republicans who do not believe in government by and for the people did not have to ever speak about their beliefs but instead they invoked “the anger” by shouting “liberal” and focusing anger on the other guy. It worked for eight horrible years.

You may have noticed that Republicans never said or admitted to anything wrong with their guy even when the wrongness of his words and actions were obvious to everyone. Eventually when the majority of Americans focused their anger on Bush the Republicans did lose the next election. Let’s learn a lesson from our defeat and for the next two years focus the anger on those R’s where it belongs.

We need to contact those Democratic groups that contact us for election support and tell them that we need a way for our input and criticisms to be fed back to the top internally in order to keep a unified platform and message. Right now both sides are still bashing Obama and the reality is that we would be hard pressed to find someone more decent and better suited for such an impossible challenge.

Again, “the R’s are the far right extremists that support government by the corporations and the very rich” and when I see what they are doing to this country it makes me angry. Let’s focus the anger where it belongs, on them.


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