I am not a doctor nor a medical expert but I have tons of experience with pot/hash/thc-products plus I have been a grower for almost quarter century. Ingesting thc (thc laced products such as candies or cookies, straight hash, marijuana that has been altered through heat and i suspect plain unaltered marijuana itself), can lead to overdose conditions when enough is consumed.

What I speak of here is not the nice warm fuzzy-wuzzy one can get from smoking or ingesting pot/pot products. I take no umbrage at such use. What I relate below is about doing more than that, much more actually and for this OP I will call it 'Over-Dosing' or 'OD-ing'.

Anecdotal evidence: As a teen living in Berlin Germany 1969-71, my chums and I had access to cheap and VERY potent Hash-hish. (I could easily get it at 50cents a gram). We kids determined to gather as much hash as we could in order to make bake goods for a concert. (There was likely a dozzen of us). We managed to quite literally gather up enough hash to totally cover the bottom of a shoe box a couple inches deep. That hash got made into cookies, cakes and yummies for the show. We also took personal stashes of hash to smoke. Concerts in Germany back were very lax when it came to smoking drugs or even drinking alcohal back then. As you reported on an earlier show, pot has tendency to give one the munchies, eating hash is no different. We kids started out early smoking hash and eating our baked goods. Needless to say, we got the munchies BIG TIME and all we had to eat was even more hash laced goodies. By the time the main act came on (Elton John btw), we kids were so damn sick and not in a good way. We quite literally were puking in a fashion quite like having food poisoning. Now I will grant you that one may argue that we did have food poisoning but I've had that too, this was not the same. Unlike food poisoning there was no diahrea associated.

Adult anecdotal evedence: As a grower, (I can now own up to it here in Washington State), I have donated pounds of what is called 'sweet-leaf' trim to those who turned it into consumables. I am also quite aware of how one can heat pot up in the oven to alter it's characteristics, making it more of what is called a 'body-high'. Without giving specific examples, I know of many who consumed an overdose of these products. The stories are all quite similar: a very strong nausea, some puking and a horrible physical experience. In my own personal case, I liken it to the worst body high ever and an inability to do anything more than lay in bed until it wore off enough to go to sleep. I recall an incident from You-Tube where a man, (I think a cop) ingested enough for an OD and then he called 911 saying he thought he had killed himself (via the OD). (BTW regarding the pesticides, you may have an argument but I say it is further argument to be concerned about when OD-ing on pot/pot products).

Thom, every time I hear you say that the worst that is likely to happen for most users regarding OD-ing on pot is going to sleep I cringe. I get it that you use this as an example of pot's safety when compared to alcohal but kids who hear your example may feel safe to repeat the same stupidness that I went through. It is true that I survived but do you really want those kid's parants sending you their hospital bills?

Thanks Thom.


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