And why do white men want to get control over women's uteri?

This "White Male Republican"* trend of trying to demean, relegate & control women is my greatest concern of the last 2 years.

My theory, just from my senses & without facts, is that white men are nervous. Nervous because they see the tables being turned on them in terms of population majority. Due to the rising population growth of other minorities, white males will suffer a major setback in representation very shortly.Who's to blame? Unfortunately, a majority of white women have decided they just want 1 or 2 children if any at all. And they can do this, thanks to the availability of birth control & if absolutely necessary, abortion.

So how can they (white men) prevent the turnover of power & increase their numbers? By removing any control women might have in controlling their own bodies. But to do so, they must enlist the ranks of the extreme right-to-lifers & fake a moral outrage over killing innocent babies. So now any woman who has hopes of controlling her own destiny is now a selfish whore.

* is this label redundant?


BRAINWASHED 5 years 46 weeks ago

Hi Chris,

I think the answer is in the last comment to Lefty's blog, from 9-21-2013, titled 'Not of this world'. The whole blog is pretty long, but if you have time........

DdC's picture
DdC 5 years 46 weeks ago

I think that is a part of the dysfunction in caucasian America. Your theory could also include why GOPs fear Gays who also have less children. But the bottom line is also a priority concern of the rabid reich. Child protection rackets can swoop in and take minority babies on many different frivolous charges, including advocating marijuana legalization. Cheap labor is the staple of the GOPerverts and this is just one more source. Plus the profits of Newt's Orphanages housing the foster kids stolen from their parents. Then when of age, 12, Newt wants them taking Union jobs as janitors in schools. The age old bible tales that men represent Jesus and women support the man and take care of the children still flows through the brains of redneck followers. They only outlawed spousal rape in 1986. I've written numerous times of the actual abortions caused by pesticides on cotton, not used on Hemp they ban. Wars fabricated in think tanks with each one bringing greater numbers of collateral damage civilians. Including pregnant mothers. Depleted uranium in the dirt aborting babies too. Now some wingnuts want to incarcerate women in the bible belt cotton crop lands for having miscarriages due to the poisons and then jailed for having illegal abortions. Many are put into asylums until the baby is born and then stolen. If I didn't know better I'd say it was the early 1900's and women were being shunned for speaking out for the right to vote. Except they can vote and so it seems many of these degraders of women, are women. (for a lack of a better term, slaves?) Then as now it is women siding with the men putting it over the tipping point. Women have got to take a stand again.

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