One reason that a lot of Business trained Americans despise "government" and want government powers stripped from the Federal Government is that they want those powers exercised at the corporate level by their corporations. They want those powers excercised by themselves! When Massy or its paid advocates and politicians complains about "Government Regulation" it usually pays at least lip service to safety, security, and the associated processes -- and the undertone is that 'we can do this better than the Federal (or State) Government. In other-words, they naturally want to govern themselves. More importantly they want to govern the private and public trusts that they have acquired ownership rights to. To own something is to govern it. This is not a battle of "more government versus less government" or "government versus private enterprise" but of who governs the enterprise, who makes decisions about life, property, livelyhood, safety and health matters. And the corporations inevitably want tyrannical powers.

If you look carefully at their complaints, they are in reality process complaints. The real problem is not left versus right but the poor way we constitute our public trusts! -- and both left and right have a point -- but because of how the debate is framed is why the the arguments remain circular. It is not fair to have top down hierarchical organizations where decision making is isolated from consequence and responsibility to make decisions that affect people's lives, livelyhood and health. Such organizations are tyrannical by definition, whether they are bureaucratic and governed ostensibly by elected governors, or they are completely tyrannical and governed by interlocked boards of Governors and a CEO with dictatorial powers. This is government clear and simple, and anyone who deals regularly with corporations knows that they operate barely within the law and their CEOs have and exercise such powers. The argument that G-d, in the form of "markets" will sometimes constrain them is a sidebar. This is bad process. It violates the central tenents of Republicanism of division of powers, the central tenant of fairness; that no one man should be judge, jury and executioner. And the presence of hierarchical tyrannical organizations is the real root cause of much of our disorder and bad business and governance. Not only does concentrated power lead to tyranny, it leads to selfish, short-sighted, and self-serving decision making. To run a company well tyrants are probably useful. But to administer any commons, public trust, "other people's money", or areas where life, liberty, property, health, safety and community well being are involved, requires at least consultation with those being governed, and really requires democratic process.

Our parents generation probably understood this better than we do. They'd gone through the great depression and had seen first hand the utter incompetance of the private trust or corporate form of governance in administering resources in a fair manner. They just aren't constituted to even consider the public welfare! As bad as Henry Ford was in some respects, he attempted to take care of his workers, and was rebuffed by the Supreme Court in Dodge brothers versus Ford. Any public trust (water, health, sewers, nuclear power, you name it) if given over to private trusteeship is subject to legal looting and incompetant government as a result. Private companies are not only constituted solely to make money, they are incompetant to administer long term projects (except as contracted) or to do anything that doesn't involve maximizing profit. This is a matter of bad constitutioning. They are unconstitutional in the terms older sense.

Posing the alternatives as between bureaucratic top down tyrannical private hierarchies or bureaucratic top down public hierarchies, misses the central point -- we have to start building self regulation into our organizations by making them public trusts, with a well constituted constitution that involves the three basic functions of oversight, justice, and executive power distributed between legislative, juridical and executive officers and citizen structures (juries, citizen oversight, and representative bodies) if we want a well constituted society at all levels. Without democratic republicanism guaranteed at the local level (a constitutional requirement) the Federal Government becomes merely a playground for rival plutocrats.


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