The title of this post is a primary absolute. A fact that comes before all others, or controls all others by implication.

Human mental capacity is approximately 86% unconscious.

Another absolute under the primary, justifying it by creating understanding of how behaviors can lead groups to place wants before needs. We need clean air and water, but we want to do and be everything we see on tv and media.

In working to gratify our wants we are destroying what we need.

Another absolute. Bad scene, "Bad behavior" is the documentary I've made about what kind of future we might have, and its implications IF we keep on using oil like we are.
The video has the url's of sites I've authored to share the facts of my efforts to create a meaningful action from and with the absolutes mentioned above.

Posted as a response on youtube to the Mike Papatonio oil spill

Those pages include significant pro se legal actions in testing the courts capacity to act discretionarily from official position, always rightful and lawful. This is about the ideal, which cannot be sacrificed, testing the reality. Heed the results

The most significant aspect is an effort to compel the municipality of Santa Barbara California to follow state health and safety code 1370.4 and work with the public to develop investigational or experimental treatment when life can be lost within 2 years.
With addictions of drugs and alcohol, sometimes it can be 2 days off.
The treatment is direct to the unconscious mind via a medical procedure and narco hypnosis.

We are addicted to oil and behaviors are becoming more extreme generally while the consumption of oil does not decrease. We need to change and our tool for changing, working with our unconscious mind is being denied IN VIOLATION OF LAW, and Constitutional principles.



Christophera's picture
Christophera 9 years 18 weeks ago

I'm wondering if who is in charge of Hartmans youtube channel,

with Papatonios interview is going to post my video response?

Papatonio is important because he is an attorney and can competently see that courts are violating due process, consitutional rights like the 14th amendment, and enabling local government to vilated laws and neglect appropriate treatment for "Bad Behaviors

If Papatonio is really a courageous lawyer, and really supporting the Constitution and lawful performance by corporations and government, he will reviw and respond to the legal action in pro se I have conducted.

Will Hartman support such a thing?

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