I got a call from the NRA at my job today

Just listened to the latest NRA response to the UN discussion about banning
guns (I signed up as a Republican once during Bush to get their vitriol...guess
I'm on lots of lists now!)...A man spoke with me and asked me to hold for a

not verbatim but close...

:" Did you know that Iran Cuba China and North Korea are in talks at the UN to
ban guns......Hillary Clinton and this administration are involved in this
scheme.......and they're doing it right on our soil.

Just look at the front of the UN They have a statue of a revolver with the
barrel twisted into a knot. (OMG what would they say about a dove?)

Hold for a survey.
"Do you think Iran Cuba China and North Korea should have a say in our right
to bear arms?" I laughed and said I wan't going to buy into the question asked
what the next question was...they said there was only one question . Ok thanks
hung up...both had southern accents.
Oh joy!

So I did a little research:

Under the UN Programme of Action,on small firearms every country has committed itself to:

  • Make illicit gun production/possession a criminal offence
  • Establish a national coordination agency on small arms
  • Identify and destroy stocks of surplus weapons
  • Keep track of officially-held guns
  • Issue end-user certificates for exports/transit
  • Notify the original supplier nation of re-export
  • Disarmament, Demobilisation & Re-integration (DDR) of ex-combatants, including collection and destruction of their weapons
  • Support regional agreements and encourage moratoria
  • Mark guns at point of manufacture for identification and tracing
  • Maintain records of gun manufacture
  • Engage in more information exchange
  • Ensure better enforcement of arms embargoes
  • Include civil society organisations in efforts to prevent small arms proliferation

And there is Alan Gottlieb ( who is Alan Gottlieb?) Interesting player - lot's of info on the internet along with his wofe Julianne Versnel

"I am, the premiere anti-communist, free-enterprise, laissez-faire capitalist." (from Wikipedia)

In 1984 Gottlieb was convicted of tax fraud and spent 8 months in a work release program.[ As a convicted felon, Gottlieb forfeited his right to own guns, but he regained that right in 1985 under a federal law allowing individuals of good character to apply for relief from that legal disability

Gottlieb is an avid collector of old handguns.

He is making these inflamatory comments:

Hillary Clinton and her anti-constitution cronies are partnering up with the anti-Second Amendment collaborators of the United Nations to pass “The Small Arms Treaty.” If this treaty is passed YOUR firearms rights will be compromised and the Second Amendment will be obliterated. “The Small Arms Treaty” is being touted by liberal gun-grabbers as a treaty that will help fight against “terrorism,” “insurgency” and “international crime rings.” The treaty is merely a facade to seize control of ALL FIREARMS owned by law abiding American citizens.

The treaty calls for tougher licensing requirements. That means everyday, law-abiding Americans will be subjected to even more bogus bureaucracy to obtain a firearm. It is unfathomable that regular citizens would be treated just like the criminals the treaty claims to protect us from. “The Small Arms Treaty” will hijack and destroy all weapons that are classified “unauthorized.” What exactly classifies a firearm as “unauthorized” is up to the liberal gun-haters. The treaty will ban the trade, sale, and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons. Clinton, Obama and their anti-liberty commission are also calling for an INTERNATIONAL GUN REGISTRY that would pave the way to eventually disarming every American citizen.


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