Over the past several months i have been randomly asking people questions regarding government and the political system. I haven't been pushing my views on them but just asking random questions about congress and how it works. I was very upset to find that most people do not know who their senators are, what political party they are and what they support. I also ask people general congress questions like what the difference is between the senate and the house, what a caucus is, what a committee is, what a filibuster is and the big important one now is what is an earmark. Nobody knew any of these questions that i asked. I think the most I got about a caucus was that he was an opponent to G. H. W. Bush during an election. LOL.

The big question is how can people really know what they are voting for when they don't understand how our congress works. I hear the media talk about all of these things and wonder if people really understand what they are talking about. Due to the lack of knowledge of the country in these issues raises a lot questions. I believe that as an american citizens, we should know more about our government and if we don't then we should be explained in easy details what is going on so that EVERYBODY understands.

The last time i learned anything about our system was in High School and it was only the very basics of the constitution. I finally understood after i picked up a book and learned about it myself. The only other people are the active people and college educated people. I never see anything explain what happens and i know that unless you have the motivation to understand then you will never learn about our system.

I write this for feedback from the great citizens of the USA that are actively involved and understand the system to detail. I know that this site has that and appreciate it.


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yetanotherguy 6 years 46 weeks ago

I think it is very intentional, I don't think the government wants informed citizens as they are harder to manipulate. I think since the 1970s there has been a concerted effort to dumb down the American electorate. Certainly the Democrats felt they had out of control Hippies who caused the embarrassment of the Chicago riots at the DNC in 1968, I'm sure the Republicans like it very much too given that so many people are so willing to be suckered by FOX, even relatively bright ones.

So I think civics and alot of stuff that was pushed as being patriotic in the time when I grew up fell out of favor because the parties in power probably both felt that an ignorant electorate was a far easier group to rule. I'd like to just blame the Republicans but it just doesn't add up, it benefits both parties equally. Stupid voters, a politicians prayer. Then you can distract them with things like "Obamas a Muslim" it makes their life so much easier in so many ways..

"Our American government; transforming democracy to Idiocracy."

Change you can believe in!

- Yetanotherguy

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mstaggerlee 6 years 46 weeks ago

I'm not so sure it's the Government that wants us dumbed down - it's the Corporatocracy that controls the media. A well-informed electorate, with an understanding of how government works (and, more importantly how it can be, and regularly IS, co-opted) may be crucial to the proper operation of a Democracy, but it is absolutely NOT in line with the agenda of RepubliCorp.

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ckathol 6 years 44 weeks ago

From what i have been studying there has been a severe drop in literacy in the US. I think the media has a lot to do with it. I look at websites and newspapers and find that the most of the articles are subjects like "how to save on holiday gifts" or "Ways to lose weight". I am not stating that all media does this but the major selling media sources seem to be promoting this pap. I rarely see any news on major conflicts that affect the majority of americans. I have actively look into surfing to find information on any senate vote or house legislation. If there is any information from the big sources it is so bias that i really have to look hard to find out which is true and which is false. Its always been about party warfare lately. I hope some people see this as a great decline in american culture. We live like this. "Am I too fat" "This car got an AAA rating" "Actor and actress split up" "SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!"

Are the the only ones that see the world as it is?

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