Dear Mr. Hatmann,

I have recently been watching the programming on link tv and to say the least my eyes have been opened. They weren't totally closed before but wow. Plenty of areas that are messed up and need restructuring. You mentioned that you believed that a political movements are what will be the catalyst for change and I agee.

I have sent a message to Ralph Nader and Bill McGibbon concerning this sublject.

I propose Zero day. This would be a day to affect positive change in or political and corporate models that are getting in the way of saving humanity from its inevitable failure. Zero day would be a day for a peaceful democratic movement involving the whole of the world community using social media.

Great minds like yours are to valuable to go unused in this endeavor. In fact, in can only succeed that way. I have many basic simple ideas to implement a vast humanitarian effort worldwide. I do not have the brains or more impotantly the resources to crunch the numbes on theses ideas. I know that the solutions to our problems globally are already divised. There just needs to be a movement to bring them togther, voted on and put in effect. Zero day can be that start of the journey back from the brink that so many people are anxious to take but just do not know when to start and what to do. Zero day can be the start and with the colaberation of great minds and governments these people can be given something to do to engage with society and create more positive change.

I am aware that I am way behind the curve and the notion for this sort of thing has probably already been kicked around to death. Maybe it is my simple mind working, but I just don't believe that nothing can be done. However, I know enough to also believe it will never happen fast enough in a trickle type fashion. The hypothetical floodgates need to be opened to maximum. Drastic changes need to be made and there can be a way the everyone benefits. The days of dragging leaders into the streets and hanging them to further your political views are past. violence only begets violence. Zero Day could work it the leaders of the world can be convinced by simple modifactions can be made and that theres and their families lives will not be threatened. Peaceful democratic revoulution is the only answer and Zero day is possible day that we can come together as global community and change our fate.

Thank you.

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