For those people who express and act on their desire to dismantle the organization

of our government (starve the beast) I ask this question. What is the difference between a hostile

foreign invader group and those who infiltate the existing system (of thought and the structures

produced by it) with the express purpose of dismantling it for their own reasons?

It seems that under the cloak of patriotism and secrecy, the spear headers have launched a most effective

attack that could not have been accomplished in another way. Why aren't we talking about the meaning of treason.

I am interested in looking at and responding to how language is being used by think tanks and public relations organizations

to take territory in the collective thought in our fast busy stressed culture. It seems so much is being forgotten or submerged

in a wave of disorganizing flotsam. Such as:

I read that the original purpose of a corporation was to support the public good and that

a corportation charter could be revoked when it no longer supported the public good.

Maybe we people could begin to re examine the purpose expressed by the original vocabulary used

and make distinctions by relanguaging those thought structures that coopt the original meaning. (neo-corporations?)


Zenzoe 9 years 8 weeks ago

Interesting thoughts.

I do think, however, liberals are congenitally incapable of "relanguaging" anything for the purpose of supporting the public good. Conservatives are just plain smarter at "framing" and such.

Thom has talked about this many times.

And, anyway, I have to go remove my vestments from the lavation device.

claudia 139's picture
claudia 139 9 years 8 weeks ago

I think the myth is that conservatives are "smarter at framing". I don"t doubt that they believe their behavior is smart.

It seems to me that the idea which the word "framing" has been used to describe has been constricted to a technique

which is being imployed to persuade or dominate thought and opinion in our collective culture. (perhaps those who

are in the dominant culture have become buoyed in the smartness of their thinking by their dominance.)

I think the liberal or progressive is becoming trapped when using vocabulary which has become the territory of the perspective

which is now the Right. I believe we need to employ a vocabulary which has not been hijacked by the media etc. to encourage

new thinking (like neural pathways).

Zenzoe 9 years 8 weeks ago

Claudia, I don't disagree with you. You are absolutely correct to say, "I think the liberal or progressive is becoming trapped when using vocabulary which has become the territory of the perspectivewhich is now the Right."

When I say conservatives are "smarter," with regard to framing, I'm referring, for example, to their conscious use of neurolinguistic programming and their cleverness in naming legislation in a way that obfuscates and misleads as to their real intent ("Clear Skies...etc.)—as opposed to the Democrats who come up with language that does nothing to further their agenda and be intelligible to the average American citizen. But I certainly don't think conservatives are smarter in general than liberals (I use the word liberal as a deliberate reclaiming of a good-values-laden word, which the right has stigmatized—cleverly—causing many of us to be ashamed of it, wrongly so.)

Thom has discussed this, specifically here:

Perhaps this is not what you're talking about—perhaps with a few examples from you, your point might be better understood? No criticism at all toward your post, but abstractions sometimes confuse me.

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