I ran the gamut of emotions yesterday, from disgusted to really, really disgusted. Over the past several weeks, I have been calling and writing my congressional deligation, regarding the deficit, and the false allegation that cutting Social Security and Medicare will do anything to defray it. And I have written the White House repeatedly. I kept hoping it might matter. But I have finally exhausted any capacity to care.

After two and a half years of getting cheery "Here's what the Prez has done for you" emails from David Plouffe and Valerie Jarrett and other White House front (wo)men, I sent the following message to the White House:

"Today, I asked to be removed from your email list. I am tired of being lied to, and I don't need it in my email inbox as well as the radio/tv/newspaper. I am tired of getting updates that tell me how much the Administration has done for me, despite the damage being done to the middle class. I was a supporter, but no more. If the contract of Social Security means nothing to you, then Grant Park no longer means anything to me."

And then I clicked “Unsubscribe” on the email I had just gotten from the White House. If 80% of the public is telling the President to stand his ground on Social Security, at the very least, and he can’t do it, then it must be intentional. He must be one of Them.

Goodbye, Grant Park. Goodbye.


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