Hi Thomm from OKC! I'm in my red state hell but overall a cool town no doubt. I listen every night on my way home from work the first 15 minutes or so anyways. My question is, do you think Obama should have took a different approach to his flagship legislation? In other words, should his focus have been more on creating good paying jobs instead of healthcare? Maybe by making or at least encouraging companies to hire inside our borders more instead of Thailand or China? Making companies not take advantage of overseas labor laws? Raise taxes on people making over 500K a year? We often say "there are plenty of jobs here in the U.S. just nobody will take them" That's partly true but making 9 bucks an hour at McDonalds isn't going to get you ahead in life.

People don't want to be on gov assistance. They want to work making 15 or more an hour with some benefits. I'm not one of those that thinks fast food workers should make more I just think there should be more high paying jobs like factory and mill work. Jobs people with a high school diploma can hire into like in the past. Fast food should be for high school and college kids, not 33 year old single mothers. That's a shame.

Affordable Care Act has been a moderate success and healthcare is a major problem in our country but I'm not sure how it's going to impact our very fragile economy right now in a positive manner the way keeping factory and production jobs in the U.S. would. It seems to me by making corporations pay good wages and keep those jobs here in the U.S. would sort of help solve the healthcare problem too.

It just seems like more Bush/Reagan-Type tactics with a seemingly "left" person as the face. If you could respond or talk about that tonight (early if possible lol; I get home at 11:15cst) I'd appreciate your perspective.


Clint L. OKC


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