July 11-13: At Netroots Nation

The Hidden History of Guns and the 2nd Amendment Book Tour Is Coming...

  • Saturday, June 22: Los Angeles, CA 3:00pm - KPFK Speaker Series: Thom Hartmann (Stephanie Miller will be joining Thom) on The Hidden History of Guns. UCLA Dodd Hall 147, 315 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles - Get tkts here https://www.facebook.com/events/2263735727213646/
  • Sunday, June 23: SEATTLE, WA 7:30pm
    Location: Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, Seattle (West Entrance) w/Elliott Bay Book Company
  • Tuesday, June 25: SAN FRANCISCO, CA 7:00pm
    Location: First Church, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley w/The Booksmith
    Here’s the Facebook event:https://www.facebook.com/events/2418269571727663/And here’s the link to purchase tickets: https://hiddenhistoryofguns.bpt.me/
  • Friday, June 28: CHICAGO, IL 7:00pm
    Location: Frugal Muse, 7511 Lemont Rd. #146 (Chestnut Court Shopping Center), Darien
  • Saturday, June 29: MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7:00pm
    Location: Common Good Books, 38 S. Snelling Ave, St. Paul
  • Friday, July 12: PHILADELPHIA, PA 4:15pm - At Netroots Nation
    Location: PA Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

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I have a growing fantasy....Obama says hell with worrying about getting reelected - “I'm going for the Gold”....Helping the USA be the beacon of the world instead of the world's playground for corporate hell....Obama needs to embrace the word Liberal as a badge of honor instead of horror..... Wouldn't life be beautiful with Olberman as Press Secretary? Feisty and abrupt... I love it.....I also think we need to throw away the idea that everyone needs to be politically correct. No! We need passion. We need truth. We need Sunshine....this dark shadow sucks.

The lame duck congress better get on the Comcast Merger and stop it and do the tax cuts now. !

I say keep Biden and let him say things to rattle the right...Poke em. Get them squealing their little lies so we can see them for what they are. shills for the Corporations.

I wish Bernie Sanders could be the Majority Leader in the Senate. Sweet Dreams - I know he's not a Dem but Its fun to fantasize

I hope its not just a game of excuses with the Democrats it is looking like it is if the Dems don't take a sharp turn to the left...

Olberman for Press Secretary!



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Here's what the feud and reconciliation between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson can teach us about civility

Thom plus logo Donald Trump did not invent the art of the political insult but he's inflamed the level of vitriolic public discourse and incivility to a new low unmatched by other presidents. In a tainted tradition that has permeated our history, other presidents have not been immune to dishing out acerbic insults against one another.