“The following passage from Memoirs (by Gaspard de Saulx- Tavanners Marshall of France); “On the 24 August 1572 noblemen and archers together with all manner of people , were plundering the houses and killing their inhabitants, Paris seemed like a city overrun by conquering invaders. Dismembered bodies were tossed from the windows, the doorways were piled with heaps of dead and dying, the streets filled with corpses that were being dragged away into the Seine. Hatred, blood and death hung with such horror over the city that their Majesties, who were the authors of it all, were unable, in the palace of the Louvre, to keep the terror from their hearts…This date marked the Massacre of St. Bartholomew.” (page 4 Magic, Paul Christian).

The implementation immediately of a TEMPORARY CONSTITUTION that re-establishes all functional components necessary for IMMEDIATE GOVERNANCE is quite simple. President Morsi, although duly elected has proved his propensity for arrogance and the corruption of power. Therefore, care must be taken that inclusion, in this temporary Constitution must include Articles of Impeachment, so that if continued abuses of power occur, than the Legal means of removing him-with clear succession of powers is rapidly accomplished. An abbreviated form of the USA Constitution will provide the easiest and best simplified form of Governance structure as a TEMPORARY MEASURE ONLY, while the assembly membership is increased to full parity by the Party members of those who seek liberal or secular values inclusion. You should include

The 1st Amendment, that free assembly, free speech, free press cannot be abridged. This may be changed or modified when the People of Egypt choose their own Constitutional form of a Republic-democratically elected by the people. The 2nd amendment, with the right to bear arms may not yet serve your National interests, however, this component with appropriate training and regulation can, in the future prevent The Peoples oppression by your Government, in your future. The 4th amendment guarantees individual security in their homes, vehicles, and of their possessions unless probable cause is proved through the Judiciary. Carefully consider that you do need time to study the many ways of successful Governance, and that the Worlds most enduring and successful Nations can supply substantial assistance in proving the designs of their own forms of Authority, such as Russia, China, USA, The EU. You must than craft and tailor your own satisfactory form of Republic. I am well apprised of the concerns that the Islamic way of life is incompatible with western values and is threatened by the “pollution” or “westoxification” that some believe will damage those values. I am not suggesting that a fully free press nor internet be necessarily included in your own constitutional structure. You may choose, as Iran has-to allow Government to restrict your internet access, once you have chosen that option by Law. It is your choice that I support, and such laws can be changed under such a Constitutional framework-by Amendment, by Representation, by Vote of the people as you develop as a Republic. I believe that you must include this 2nd Amendment now however, that you Voices shall be fully available while you develop your Constitution. You need a minimal framework immediately, and our USA Constitution with “minimal” Amendments can immediately satisfy that urgent need.

I would hope the value you might select is that all “humanity” is created equal-that inclusion is the rule, but again-you may craft your own Constitution that-as Iran has done, prohibits female participation in Education, in Governance, in Science, in Justice Administration. That is why I pray you will immediately but minimally select those portions of our USA constitutional framework that establishes a functioning Government that is secured by 3 separate branches that have the security of oversight-while including only those Amendments necessary to immediately support your functioning as a Nation. I must warn you that you face the same conditions-which I will discuss separately, that have ignited the dissolution of the Government of Syria. They, and you face external Economic “Agencies” that have contributed to the conditions that supported this warfare. Those who have demanded a precondition-that your fuel subsidies must stop-in order to obtain the vital 4.1 billion funding that you must have to survive, will further destabilize your fragile economy. I pray continually for your welfare, and command the blessing of God upon those who will faithfully support your establishment of a Lawful and Independent Nation.


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