LEGITIMACY OF GOVERNMENT: As with a multitude of Nations, the use and abuse

Of military force or violence by non uniformed and illegitimate and non uniformed fighters have repeatedly required International interventions and untold death and destruction are its heritage. Syria has proved its current Government, although “elected”, is illegitimate. Human Rights abuses, suppression of citizenry duties and lawful rights-the right to participate in that governance has been abridged. The same logic applies to Palestine. Israel-has previously declared the illegitimacy of the PLO and Hamas. Just as The UN and “civilized” world has agreed that Assad has vacated all the legitimacy of his position. The world should cite Muhammad after his Medina campaign-where Jews had supported him. He established a constitution, and gave amnesty “for past offences” except for “heinous crimes”-(see Muhammad: wikipedia).

That the establishment of a lawful government acceptable for UN recognition might be created, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, Turkey (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) all must pledge military training for those citizens who sign agreements to peace with Israel and that mutual defense and the drafting a constitution, shall develop governance plans. Israel would make this announcement with them. Islam proclaims: God is One, and that Muhammad Islam's Holy Prophet, “restored” the uncorrupted original monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other prophets. "Surrender to Him is the only way". It does NOT say: Islam is the ONLY way-but refers to "Surrender to Him" (Islam), and “the only way” (din). Declare this path-with UN credentialed free elections ASAP, and investments in infrastructure-and Hamas and PLO are suddenly deligitimized. "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.". The evidence from the Palestinian War against Israel, in Gaza-suggests that 6 people were pulled from a vehicle and shot and their bodies descretated, by an authorized Hamas soldier, who simply "claimed they were collaberating with Israel. The excessive destruction of homes and businesses that Al Jazeera so carefully showcased-with the excessive damages estimate, will likely prove that during Israeli Air Strikes, when no Civilians were witnesses, Hamas probably destroyed many of these for Propaganda purposes.

Ms. Clinton failed to negotiate the one vital demand, that the UN Vote on Nationhood, must not occur. Israel similarly failed to capture both the military advantage, but, the assessment and meaningful goodwill efforts that were implicit in the potential ability to stabilize and assist the Gaza resident-although I made every effort to warn that Peace without the promise of Citizenship contingent on individual peace agreements by the people appeared the only hope of lasting and peaceful self governance. I have suffered severe interference with my internet, and telephone services-so regret that my messages apparently did not reach the appropriate authorities. I therefore count it a rare blessing to access Thom Hartmann's community to attempt to inform.

Israel could havell than openly negotiated with this self identified committed citizenery, and they would have had an immediate path to self sustainable government, and the assignment of land and shared duties of mutual self defense and protection. Israel and Palestine cannot survive without a treaty of mutual protection and peaceful trade. If the Terrorist Groups (some of whom now hold elected office), will individually committ to pledged peace with Israel, and such mutual defense-than they must receive amnesty for their unlawful acts of violence-which include the violence against their own people, and the destruction of many of the homes and businesses within Gaza. They however, are agrandized with their new power-and many of these Islamic Terrorist Organizations have pledged complete destruction of the Israeli Nation, and genocide. I am horrified that those in power Internationally have refused to heed this warning. The UN has fully legitimized such usurpers and terror attacks-by creating a Nation by fiat. I can only pray that Righteous Islamists shall refuse oppressive and corrupt rule, and hold to the Pillar of Islam, and the rule of International agreements and Law. My government in the USA knew of my concerns, as did Israel-but did not adequately assure that the complete message was delivered. The Palestinians may still follow Right path, with such peace agreements-but they must command their "government" be at peace, and prepare to negotiate, not demand the pre-conditions regarding the land issues, or command full right of return for all displaced-or demand pre 1967 boarders. The world will go to war over this, if they refuse. I pray a temporary peace was granted at an enormous cost. The Monarchies will be destroyed by these Iranian Idealists, and Iran desires Jerusalem as the Capital of the Islamic Empire, a Caliphate.


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