DEPRESSION AND MOOD DISORDERS: CURRENT DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPEUTIC ERRORS. Note all references are from Wikipedia, and the word to look up is capitalized, unless otherwise noted.

“Different people are affected in different ways by major depression. Some people have trouble sleeping, they lose weight, and they generally feel agitated and irritable. Others may sleep and eat too much and continuously feel worthless and guilty. Still others can function reasonably well at work and put on a "happy face" in front of others, while deep down they feel quite depressed and disinterested in life. There is no one way that people look and behave when they have major depression. However, most people will either have depressed mood or a general loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed, or a combination of both. In addition they will have other physical and mental symptoms that may include fatigue, difficulty with concentration and memory, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, headaches, body aches, and thoughts of suicide.

In adults, major depressive disorder affects twice as many women as men. For both genders it is most common in those who are 25-44 years of age, and least common for those over the age of 65. In children, clinical depression affects girls and boys at about the same rate. Within an entire lifetime, major depression will affect 10%-25% of women and 5%-12% of men. At any one point in time, 5%-9% of women and 2%-3% of men are likely to be clinically depressed. Although major depression can occur at any age, the average age for developing the illness seems to be in a person's mid-20's. However, the average age of onset of the condition appears to be decreasing. Those with a parent or sibling who has had major depression may be 1.5 to 3 times more likely to develop the condition than those who do not.” (

This represents a fairly standard diagnostic set of criteria for the diagnosis of “Clinical Depression”. However, Psychiatry deviated from the study of Psychology, Sociology, History and the history of medical (pharmaceutical) developments, and by the 1950’s were firmly set on a false, erroneous path to diagnosis and treatment of this “alleged mental illness”. I will not delve into many of the details, but I am engaged in the necessary thesis development that must alter the way we all view behaviors-desirable and “undesirable” in Society and in our Communities. The Thesis statement is that Depression is an occurrence, not a “mental illness”: and that environmental forces act upon individuals and societies and civilizations, causing altered behaviors, altered goals, “altered “feelings”, and altered responses. I attribute this “driving” to The Deity (God)-using Natural means (Evolutionary process, and “selection”) to force change.

As most of us are somewhat familiar with the Old Testament, I will use the example of Moses and the Hebrews as they fled through the wilderness for 40 years (2 generations, one to a point of reproductive and social viability, one to full maturity), before they were allowed to inhabit the Promised Land. They had been slaves in Egypt, but archeology shows they did not work on the pyramids (for example) as slaves. They were esteemed for their skills and education, and many acted in supervisory capacities, like Joseph is recorded to have done. The diet along the Nile was abundant, with fish, fowl, sheep, and cattle, with grains and beer and wine readily available. When they fled, they took the gold and belongings provided, such as animals-but soon ran out of water. God proved His Presence, and His direct concerns, when He provided water when Moses struck the rock, for one example. Passover is celebrated to remind the Hebrews that they fled without yeast, nor “leavened” bread. That meant they had no yeast, at least for years. This is significant because yeast, and fermented products like beer, wine (and Japanese sake) all produce naturally occurring histamine, from the actions of bacteria or yeasts. SEE HISTAMINE (Wikipedia). The significance of this dietary change also involves increased DOPAMINE, and decreased SEROTONIN. One hidden fact, that most MD’s, even Psychiatrists and NEUROLOGISTS do not know, is that there is a direct “inverse relationship”, that when serotonin is increased, dopamine is “automatically decreased” in the body and brain. So, our Hebrews fled and had a radically altered diet, that decreased

starches (potatoes or tubers, milk, yeast breads, and other serotonin producing foods), and initially relied on high quality PROTEIN (cow, sheep, and fowl, and occasional fish)-all of which are necessary to increase DOPAMINE. Furthermore, they were exposed to full sunlight, and had a strict enforcement of CIRCADIAN RHYTHM.

So, our Hebrews, were “hyper -vigilant” because the Egyptian Army was pursuing them, and their diet and activity was radically changed. They were in fear for survival initially. They were called by God, to become an Oracle People, and their diet changes forced a neurotransmitter predominance (change) to dopamine, from the serotonin that was their previous usual diet. Dopamine is produced by high quality protein, and low starch diets, and low yeast diets.

The forced marches, and even fighting, made life very tough, and also made them tough. Genetics is incorrectly perceived, as is evolution. Genes turn on and off, which explains how the bird beak length on the Galapagos Islands was rapidly responsive to environmental food supplies. We are “created” to be immediately responsive to environmental changes. It does not take 1 generation, much less eons, to change Humanity. We are ultimately adaptable.

Our Hebrews worked in full sunlight. (LIGHTING SPECTRUM is related to SAD, “seasonal affective disorder”) and impacts HORMONAL LEVELS, such as estrogen. Until 200 years ago, most Humans were part of an AGRARIAN ECONOMY, where a similar day /night SLEEP CYCLE was maintained. Severe physical exertion, (or EXERCISE) was a large part of this lifestyle. MELATONIN is a vital “hormone” that changes brain function from alert and awake, to that of sleep. The brain never turns off, but the body experiences SLEEP PARALYSIS, so that NIGHT (SLEEP) WALKING and dangerous physical “enactments of dreams” does not usually occur. The physical and fear stressors they routinely experienced as homeless displaced campers, activated the HPA (HYPOTHALAMIC-PITUITARY –ADRENAL axis), which is the ability to FIGHT and/or FLIGHT, the physical preparedness that allowed their survival. “The HPA axis is the main controller of acute sympathetic stress responses related to the fight-or- flight response. Prolonged activation and disturbances of the HPA axis contribute to depressive and anxiety symptoms seen in many psychopathological conditions.” (5HT (2c)) RECEPTOR.

The “NEUROTRANSMITTER’ NOREPINEPHRINE, the HORMONES such as CORTISOL, HISTAMINE and IMMUNE RESPONES are all heightened, as is VISUAL ACUITY, and LIGHT SENSITIVITY with HPA axis activation. Our Hebrews were altered MENTALLY, with increased DOPAMINE, although we do not know what MANNA was. They had to prove their FAITH in YHWH daily, as Manna was not preservable, and so they “faced” the FEAR OF FOOD INSUFFICIENCY, daily, except on the Sabbath. HISTAMINE, is vitally necessary , as is DOPAMINE. The necessary dietary precursors to SEROTONIN is easy to get in our diets, especially in America. All (OPIATE) NARCOTIC (analgesics), muscle relaxers, and most anti-depressants, and simple allergy medicines like DEXTROMETHORPHAN, and possibly PHENYLEPHRINE increase Serotonin. So do potatoes and other starches, and yeast breads, beer and wine and bananas. You can check currently recommended diets like Pritikin and for important dietary recommendations and current LONGEVITY NUTRITIONAL recommendations. I recommend a quality multivitamin, such as generic or Centrum, or Durke Pearson and Sandy Shaw for quality

Orthomolecular supplements. Quality protein and high vitamin intake (fruits, vegetables, grains are key to our American exceptionalism that was so evident in the Olympics this year. Our GENETIC strengths are INTER-RACIAL BREEDING, quality MEDICAL treatment of Cardiovascular and INFECTIOUS DISEASES, (hygiene, vaccinations), and FOOD SUFFICIENCY (caloric and vitamin/mineral and quality safe PROTEINS and ESSENTIAL AMINOACID SUPPLEMENTS).

Histamine deserves significant discussion, particularly as so many of us take “anti-histamines”. For example, Histamine is a GPCR, (protein receptor) that acts to protect the body, and these protein receptors are responsible for SLEEP REGULATION, MOTION SICKNESS, and Nasal allergy symptoms. There are 4 currently known histamine receptors H1-4, and we are all aware of the media and medical campaign to take “prilosec” or “tagemet and rantadine”, to block the effect of H2. These H2 ANTAGONISTS (blockers), may cause LIBEDO LOSS, AND ERRECTILE DISFUNCTION (ED), and may cause SEXUAL DISFUNTION by decreasing TESTOSTERONE. (See Histamine on Wiki). Perhaps your need for VIAGRA or CIALIS, may be related to these other H2 Blockers. Advertisements for these types of drugs also artificially set SOCIAL EXPECTATIONS, by implying a man must always be “ready and available” for sex, even with advanced age and disease.

The H3 histamine receptor is found in the central nervous system / peripheral nervous system (brain to your feet), and decreases the release of (1)histamine, (2)ACETYLCHOLINE, (3)NOREPINEPHRINE, and (4)serotonin. Histamine may help regulate photoreception (light and visual stimuli), and other sensory stimuli. We sneeze when “allergens” reach our nasal passages, and cause the release of histamine (from storage granules), that is associated with “sensory neural stimulation.” Destruction of Histamine releasing neurons or the inhibition of histamine “synthesis” (creation), or the blockade of histamine release, impairs the ability to maintain wakefulness. The brain shuts down ‘histamine” release during sleep, but just before waking abruptly releases that vital chemical. “Histamine may control the mechanisms by which memories and learning are forgotten.” (HISTAMINE). H1 (blockers) are ANTI-HISTAMINES may do much more than just cause sedation, as HISTAMINE itself has suppressive effects on “susceptibility to convulsions, denervation supersensitivity, ischemic lesions, and STRESS.” The “chemical history” of antihistamines is important. In 1952 Dr. Deniker began using CHLORPROMAZINE, as he discovered these anti-histamines caused patients to have PSYCHIC INDIFFERENCE to their environment. The purpose of all such research was to control AGGITATED and UNCONTROLLABLE Psychiatric Patients. As Resnick (see book reference below) discusses some of the early experiments, high levels of serotonin metabolites were found in the spinal fluid of 26 Navy personnel, in 1970’s-and showed they had decreased AGGRESSIVENESS. LITHIUM experiments on PRISONERS at VACAVILLE and SACRAMENTO, done by Dr. Joe Tupin, UCD School of Psychiatry, showed decreased disciplinary actions and other indicators of decreased ANGER and AGGRESSION in his subjects. Male Rats exposed to LITHIUM, stopped the Normal POSESSIVE and PROTECTIVE responses to another male rat “invader”. The use of “Tranquillizers” particularly VALIUM for women in the home- after the returning VETERANS needed the jobs they had performed during WW2 and Korea could suggest that PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY has an agenda beyond DRUG SALES, although they are in the billions of dollars in American society. The neurotransmitter DOPAMINE is crucial to human bonding and sexual satisfaction. It is largely an INHIBITORY neurotransmitter, (for muscle movements) and is crucial for REWARD, EMOTIONAL PLEASURE, and SLEEP. The normal CIRCADIAN FUNCTION is strongly dietary influenced, as when we eat a large protein meal in the early evening, the necessary PRECURSORS (aminoacids that the body uses to produce dopamine) are slowly made available. The post “Thanksgiving turkey” sedation, (post prandial stupor) is caused by TRYPTOPHAN, another such protein (aminoacid), that promotes sleep. Even the simple shift from a large Noon meal (supper) that promoted early sleep on the farm, to late night dining and often “excessive alcohol intake” has profound influence on preparedness for sex and sleep. Mental stimulation, such as computer work, telephones, TV, radio, and advertisement messaging keeps our brains artificially stimulated, and the current worries (economic, familial, social) also gravely impact a relaxed state, the necessary decrease in Histamine, and the onset of Melatonin release, and sleep.

“THE BRAIN” by Dr. Richard Resnick, Bantam Books, 1984 ISBN 0-553-05047-8, although “outdated”, provides vital clues on how our current practices and conclusions of the causation of MOOD DISORDERS, ANGER, VIOLENCE, SUBSTANCE ABUSE DISORDERS, and CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT, has been “developed”. I believe that our current “chemical management” of “alleged MENTAL ILLNESS” represents the equivalent of fixing your computer hard drive with a sledgehammer.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION, SENSORY DEPRIVATION are human experiments done under “MK-ULTRA” and “PROJECT BLUEBIRD” by the CIA, and DOD from the early 1950’s through 1970’s. They also “studied” some effects of PHOTIC- STIMULATION, and DR. CAMERON performed PSYCHIC DRIVING, in addition to HYPNOSIS, SEXUAL and VERBAL ABUSE. This was largely done on Psychiatric patients in a Canadian Hospital on “patients’ who entered with minor depression, or postpartum MELANCHOLIA. The Canadian Government also contributed substantial funds for this INVOLUNTARY HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.

The falsity of the diagnosis of depression as being a lack of serotonin or a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, treated simply with SSRI, SNRI and other anti-depressants is unproved (theoretic), and dangerously omits investigation into the co-factors such as ESSENTIAL AMINOACIDS, HORMONAL DYSREGULATION (too much or too little), poor DIET, (high starch, low quality protein, vitamin and mineral lack), EXERCISE, ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS (MERCURY, ARSENIC, LEAD, PETROCHEMICAL, PESTICIDE, or other environmental factors). It completely omits all Psychological Stressors such as LEARNED HELPLESSNESS, MEDIA and MESSAGE FLOODING, TRAUMAS (RAPE, INCEST, POVERTY, EDUCATION, JOB (skills, availability, satisfaction, worship, companionship, marital satisfaction, and parenting stressors).

I believe that Moses was not permitted to lead into the Promised Land, as two generations had successfully MUTATED, (changed) and developed Faith and Discipline under Gods

rigorous development and his leadership. He was unable to “change” sufficiently with them, which is the role of youth: To progressively change, to advance and develop new codes of conduct and justice administration, and to develop social, religious, cultural and Governance activities in new ways. Moses, was greatly beloved of God, and was not “punished”-although that is the typical explanation for the reason he was excluded. He, being a righteous and Faithful servant of God, had assuredly repented his sins, and was forgiven by Messiah Christ. It should be noted that he also had an Egyptian wife, and certainly a great many Jews had intermarried during their captivity. It was an expansion of the gene pool that provided vital changes to their genetic potentials-a breaking of the strict adherence to the previous genetic laws of old. The Jewish population has many genetic diseases and disorders from such close intermarriage.

So, let me tell you why this matters. Psychiatrists are educated in America as “clinical Physicians (Medical Doctors), without any therapy, without any required ethical or historic training. They receive minimal-(if any) Nutritional or ORTHOMOLECULAR

(vitamin and alternative treatments) education. They train like any mechanic, and are then set up as the behavioral experts, so that even our Judicial system accedes authority to them, in the matters of the Spirit, the heart, and human behavior. They are largely unqualified perhaps until the wisdom of age and experience moderates their “training”.

I suggest that those who are impacted by a label or symptoms of Depression, or other alleged “mental illness” should begin to consider the basis of our Pharmacological

Treatments, and the spiritual implications to such “massive” drug therapies. The old argument: the question, is it Nature or Nurture ? is a representative “COGNITIVE DISTORTION”, as causation is clearly multifactoral, such as: GENOTYPE (inborn genetic potentials), PHENOTYPE (GENETIC EXPRESSION), CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT, RELIGIOUS (MORAL) EXPECTATIONS, PERSONALITY, EDUCATION, HISTORICAL CONDITIONING, TECHNOLOGY, DIET, EXERCISE, and PSYCHOLOGICAL COPING SKILLS AND RETRAINING.

The falsehood is that Psychiatry allegedly “treats” the symptoms medically, but ignores the Life circumstances (Nurture) and Life trauma’s that impact individual survival and functionality. SEROTONIN IS EVERYWHERE IN OUR DIETS, AND OUR DRUGS, so clearly the serotonin deficiency theory of depression cannot be correct.

So, the imperative changes in treating Mood Disorders, should include serious dietary changes, exercise and careful attention to sleep. I will discuss those later, however the use of MELATION, and using the bed for sex, and sleep is highly effective, with a scheduled bed-time. The Brain never shuts off (until death), as it is much like a computer. Even when unplugged, the BIOS, has sufficient current, to keep it alive. Sleep and sleep disorders are probably one of the most significant investigation and treatments we must achieve in Medical interventions. Lack of sleep, and environmental/social stressors are probably driving much of the illegal drug and excessive alcohol use in our society. Psychiatry does not acknowledge (nor know how to treat) the psychological and cognitive (thinking flaws), and so they just give the pills, as these drugs suppress mental and emotional functions, and probably impair awareness of God. SEROTONIN IS NOT THE GOOD GUY, NOR IS DOPAMINE THE BAD GUY.

The brain is a biologic quantum computer, flexible and responsive to an amazing (exquisite) degree. We have 2 layers of “magnetite crystals” in the membranes covering the brain-which would act as ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD shields, from cosmic rays and radiation, and may perhaps act as receivers for outside field generation, such as telepathy and Spiritual communion with GOD or ANGLES, (EVIL or SERVANTS OF GOD.)

Once ELECTRIC LIGHTING and than transmissible, LIGHT AND SOUND STIMULATION (TV, RADIO, MOVIES) with Media messaging became ubiquitous,

trials of SUBLIMINAL and later SUB- AUDIBLE STIMULI was performed. EEG studies have proved that the brain “ENTRAINS”, or follows light and sound stimuli, through predominant states such as THETA, BETA, ALPHA according to this stimuli.

Furthermore, well credentialed phenomena, HYPNOSIS, and SPIRITUALISM-which has not been clinically proven, were buried by Science and Psychiatry. The “THEORY OF EVOLUTION” that insists that the GENESIS of Life is a Godless and “random” occurrence, became the “norm”, taught in our schools. However, regrettably, the other aspects of evolutionary “driving” as well as Psychic or telepathic communication were also lost, and whole generations of predominantly Christian faithful turned from all sciences in response.


An infant is not “Tabula Rosa” but is proved to know the voices of the people around him/her before birth, and respond to music in utero. The Mothers voice is clearly known at birth as is her smell, and her dietary preferences (such as garlic and onions) are proved in the preferences of the child. Dr. Marc Lehrer wrote a book on this issue: “The Prenatal Classroom”. “Baby Einstein” capitalizes on this early infant stimuli as do others who program in “Utero” to advantage their children in “intelligence”.

The other great lie is that ANTIDEPRESSANTS TREAT A DEFICIENCY OR IMBALANCE OF NEUROTRANSMITTERS: Serotonin is easily available. Many neurotransmitters, hormones, psychosocial factors and spiritual lack all act upon individuals on a moment to moment basis, and the Human Body-Brain is immediately responsive to these changes. The facts support the concept that these “anti-depressants” are creating these damaging imbalances. The facts support that temporary “imbalance” could occur in individuals that excessively use alcohol or any type of drug-illegal and/or pharmaceutical. With a few brief examples, I have proved how the complex interplay of “neurotransmitters” and other hormones and chemical messengers are all involved in human life.

The other fallacy is that these drugs are “safe and effective”, and I have written elsewhere of the FDA drug approval process, and that MD’s are than free to prescribe any combination of drugs, that amounts to human experimentation on an unformed public.

DOWNREGULATION and UPREGUALTION; Many people are unaware that permanent changes may occur to the receptors (receiving neuron sites) as a result of

what is actually a DRUG TOXICITY, or especially SEROTONIN SYNDROME, a potentially lethal excess of serotonin. One analogy that shows how initially adaptive the body and brain are to excessive serotonin, is the story of a frog. If you put a frog in a cool pot of water, on a flame, he will happily sit, until he is boiled alive, as he does not recognize the gradual increase in the water temperature. The body and brain also can accommodate to massive “over-exposure” or toxic states, and although thinking becomes clouded, and blood pressure changes and heart-rate irregularities may occur, or the myriad of other symptoms (SIDE EFFECTS) are present, you and your doctor will usually just accept that as a part of necessary “therapy”. I developed a quick method (a curbside checkup) that can quickly point to further evaluation needs. The patient will be unable to straight line walk-and your intake nurse should observe you walk to the room, not lead you. You will likely “drift”, without being aware of it. Blurred vision is easily checked with a quick eye chart review at each visit. Your reflexes will be “brisk”, or slight or major “hyper-reflexia” will occur, with possible clonus. This is abnormal, but rarely checked. SSRI’s and other serotonin drugs may increase inner agitation or anxiety, and any benzodiazepines will mask this anxiety and the other symptoms listed above.

The Brain acts in a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LOOP, to “downregulate” to protect from this excess serotonin. The normal circadian (or diurnal cycle) means that during the day, serotonin-which regulates appetite, and activates you bowels (where 90% of the receptors are located), and this increase is a result of food intake and release of stored serotonin. By evening, after your daily work, your histamine release stops gradually, you get relaxed and than sleepy, and your melatonin helps you to sleep, while sex before bed or simple pleasures like hugging your kids goodnight or petting your dog, or even a happy movie, has engaged your dopamine release, and that chemical rises during the nights rest. The antidepressants artificially keep serotonin always elevated, and so always decrease dopamine. Any combination drugs such as SEROQUEL or other ANTIPSYCHOTICS actually target dopamine, and decrease it even more.

Logic will also prove that by examining the drug HALF-LIFE of the SSRI’s you are certainly always accumulating excessive drug-sometime exponentially. The Harvard website has a Nov 2010 article: GOING OFF ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. They state that “having discontinuation symptoms doesn’t mean you’re addicted to your antidepressants”, however they omit all reference to downregulation, and allude to addicts who “craves the drug and often needs increasingly higher doses”. They also minimize the effects of discontinuation. Many people are unable to discontinue these drugs, and are dependent for life-and a common recommendation is to continue them for entire lifetimes, to avoid recurrent depression. Prozac, the first SSRI, came to market in 1991, so all such use is experimental. I will list the HALF-LIFE of a few, so you can understand how they must progressively accumulate.

DRUG BRAND HALF OUT OF BODY 99% out of body in:

PAXIL 24 hours 4.4 days

ZOLOFT 26 hours 5.4 days

LEXAPRO 27 to 32 hours 6.1 days

CELEXA 36 hours 7.3 days

PROZAC 4 to 6 DAYS 25 days

This table is reported from Dr. Joseph Glenmullen, “The Antidepressant Solution: A Step By Step Guide to Safely Overcoming Antidepressant Withdrawal, Dependence, and Addiction”. Free Press 2006. Dr Glenmullen is one of the foremost Psychiatrists who are fighting to stop Psychiatric medical malpractice.

You can easily see that when you take a pill every day, that requires multiple days to fully leave the body, you are being deliberately overdosed, and your Doctor will not usually know it. These SSRI’s and other SNRI drugs can cause rage and hypomania, and even MANIA, so the clinical disease called BIPOLAR DISORDER cannot exist as it is currently defined. MOOD SWINGS are a response to “factors”, and discovering those factors through a multi-disciplinary study is one of the highest needs of our society. It can only be done within a setting of computerized records and healthcare availability that has Federal oversight and integration of Federal databased systems. Although Obamacare is a flawed effort to provide care-those flaws can be remedied, and the capture of corrective mechanisms can be achieved to produce the best quality of life for our majority, not just those with status and income sufficient to gain them personally. We need MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING, AND COGNITIVE THERAPY, to combat the false messages and poor or deadly parenting that many children endure. Sexual abuses are greatly under-reported, and poor communication skills, family stressors, substance abuse “disorders”, and nutritional lack, credentialed childcare, poor schools, and many other factors, including to omission of Faith history in our schools, have caused our American dysfunctions. We need integrated healthcare with computerized records, to pave a path to sanity and success.

I am writing more on this subject, including ways to combat the co-factors that help cause depression and other mood disorders. I will post them as I accumulate them. DO NOT STOP YOUR DRUGS WITHOUT YOUR MD’S KNOWLEDGE, AND NEVER STOP THEM ABRUPTLY. Copyright Laura L. Coker RN. Please copy this or refer to your MD for review.


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