Regarding Benghazi, and the deaths of our fellow Citizens: 2 USA security Troops, and 2 Station Ambassador Personnel on 9-11-12.

I carefully watched and endured the unfolding of the painful events, and caught as much “real-time” TV and Radio news as I could. My home is catastrophically disorganized,

so I will submit limited “source” statements, much as Fox ‘News” does.

Humanity is under the gravest “stressors”-physically, spiritually, mentally-such as was never know. Ecclesiastes is now wrong. There are indeed, new things on our Earth.

Time returned to the abstract and malleable, as soon as most people could view the earth hanging in space. That is, time stopped. Within the lifetimes of some now born, great human longevity is expected-and this longevity is already at work. Education, and multiple skills-certainly pronounced literacy and a brain assisted, but not encumbered by

Pharmaceuticals, with access to plentiful foods, such as was never before known-only the wealthier have ever had the luxury to choose-and “refuse” some foods. I myself, have gladly eaten the “refuse” of my fellow citizens, by dining from the garbage cans after the Politically employed citizens went back to work, after a nice al fresco lunch in Sacramento. I greatly appreciated it, as the quality of the remnants was exemplary.

Of these dangers, 2 threats clearly stand: Propaganda and literal emotional abuse, to advance sales, or political agendas, or support a theology and ministry-is the most damaging and deadly in the short term. Our longer term prospects depend on us-almost entirely. We can wage war or continue in our current path and practices; or we can turn from aggression and combat the fundamental problems-global climate change, poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare and adequate or superior nutrition-including necessary supplements.

If the USA and the EU will continue, to exist largely intact, than our greatest threat, immediately, is the Propagandists: ALL Media, Pollsters, Theologians, Politicians, and even Educators must have an enforcement protocol available. There is not “currently” something called “THE TRUTH” or ‘THE FINAL WORD OF GOD”. However, when the bible declares that THE WORD was used to bring about the creation of our universe-one cannot be such a fool as to disbelieve the impact that words have. We now add the neural stimulus of electrically amplified music and visual pictures, sometimes flashing by at almost subliminal speeds. We “give” validity, to prayer, and we know some have conjured spirits or entities by ritual incantations. Whole Nations have warred, or made peace, by such words. We must have a means of enforcement, when “the truth” (such as is possible at the time) is violated. A woman may survive an act of violence or rape, and hopefully the damage will be lessened as her life unfolds.

However, I must say that something of greater impact is routinely forced upon the peoples, and no requirement for veracity exists. A TV program: “Curiosity” on “SCI”, 10-30-12, sponsored by Nissan and the University of Phoenix literally “hypnotically” induced a volunteer to “assassinate” a “bad man”. They carefully set up the “experiment” in providing a “Hollywood” stage set, with gun, man, cameras, security, and fake gun. Sirhan-Sirhan claimed he was brainwashed to assassinate Robert Kennedy. So, let me tell you who some of the “Benghazi War Profiteers” really are, as none can determine causation without considering the role of Media in setting emotional tone and abusing propaganda for political or personal gain. It is a heinous violation of the public trust-but “everyone” seems fairly guilty by now. We can only hope to force change. The emotional and associated physical damages are costly-individually, on families, on faith, and on all Nations.

The skill of the Benghazi attack, when considered with the weaponry used, suggested a militarily skilled attack force-not a “mob”. I recognize now however, that the availability of weapons and the skills of “civilians and terrorist, or militant government affiliated troops”, makes this less significant that I previously thought. The “Hit” on the safe house however, suggests skilled preplanning, as is the report of surveillance by someone in “police uniform”, who took pictures on the morning of 9-11. Could we have “done better”? Hopefully we now know that which we previously did not consider.

The profiteers: John McCain, Reed, Lou Dobbs, O’Reilly, Van Sustren, Karl Rove, D. Issa, Mike Regan, and a host of others have carelessly and callously abused this event, to set public expectations, the National agenda, and the literal public policy response. Bachman most particularly was damn near hysterical: “they (Iran), are within a hairbreadths of (having nuclear weapons) (9-21 Hannity). I am grateful that Netanyahu has admitted that Iran has no provable nuclear weapons, nor any uranium of bomb grade materials and thus presents no “absolutely immediate nuclear threat”. Fox Opinion/News has done everything the ramp up fears and use every nasty political avenue to push the Tea/republican party agenda. If I had not had access to satellite-“Direct TV”, I would perhaps know almost nothing about most anything-except Fox Radio News, which by its format-nature-artfully “drives” my emotional perception of the world. I mentioned that one reason for the great divide: Republicans versus Secularists, as they prefer to label it –all of the important Political discussions between skilled and knowledgeable experts and political persons-happens when the “faithful” are in church.

This is deliberate, and with the time constraints, family and job stressors, and lacking E capacity (or currently even electricity), people cannot and will not invest sufficient energy into our Political circumstance. That is why we must have a way of commanding

“truth” and stopping deceit.

We are guaranteed to lose Bill Moyer’s, and NPR, PBS and many small affiliates if Romney is elected. More for Fox News, and those who take over the lapsed wavelength.

Next election will not be close, as less Public Minded Media will be available. When Murdoch couldn’t purchase the NY Times, he took Wall St. Journal, and smaller Newspapers. A. Stevens has destroyed one Israeli Newspaper, as he spent a few million to subsidize Netanyahu with a free newspaper-just as he did in England before he was “caught” but not jailed, for phone taps by his English papers. The LA times Editor purchased Direct TV out from under Murdoch-who was temporarily cash strapped, so he lost control of satellite “distribution”. 2 full cable nets in USA are dedicated to the republican/tea party agenda and a Romney Presidency. 4 more years in Murdoch world, with a President who will repay his favors, means that our next election will not be free. That is my “opinion” as I have nothing but my study and my heart and prayers to inform me. The rest are facts, as I currently know them. This represents veracity to the best of my ability-much as Susan Rice attempted.

A Christian Copt, (a group killed and persecuted within Egypt, and Christians in Iraq, and jailed in Iran) made a “movie” defaming Muhammad, with a deceptively mild title: He initially claimed he was an Israeli Citizen and Jew in support of Zionism. Karl Rove is the only person that stated that the “video or movie” was shown in Egypt well before 9-11, on State TV. Fox News, Hannity stated that Ambassador Steven body was “tortured” and dragged “through the streets”. However, I watched the video live on Al Jazzera that filmed it-it showed the Libyan who rescued Mr. Stevens body, and checked the carotid artery for heartbeat, and than pulled him to his truck for hospitalization and rescue.

That rescuer, and many or most Benghazi residents genuinely revered Stevens, who had brokered the UN participation in the death of Gadaffi. D. Issa published names of those Libyans who supported the USA efforts, and the Libyan government-he did it for political gain, and cares nothing for those who stood with us after the tragedy. Fox decried the 1 billion in missile and military spent by the USA to destroy his tyranny.

O’Reilly has reminisced that the good old days-with Saddam, Gadaffi, and Mubarak were pretty good. After all, Democracy by the people is “messy and sometimes inconvenient”.

If this Movie or Trailer was shown on Egyptian State TV, than the Egyptian Embassy Attack represents a terrorist attack by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The issue is if "The Movie" was made spontaneouly-the ability to inflame the population made easy cover for multiple Embassy threats throughout the region.

On 9-21-12, in an apparent effort to “prove” Al Quaeda was culpable-Fox did a very soft interview where Al Zwhari, the brother of the AQ Operative, admitted that he had incited the spread of the video, but had not seen it. The failure of the Intelligence community rests with McCain, and other Republicans who do not manifest the necessary skills to analyse comprehensively, the situation as it unfolded. The rush to abuse Politics, and now to destroy any Cabinet Appointmnet of Susan Rice-and to try to establish a "rationale" to impeech President Obama, if possible makes them more than fools, and more than corrupt in my estimation. I bleieve that a full investigation, into the statements by Hannity, Rove, Mc cain may indicate deliberate "misdirection" that accords aide to our enemies. If so, than a case of Treason must be considered.


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