lack a sufficiency to express the debit of gratitude we all owe, to RT, FSTV, Thom Hartmann and his crew and contributors, and to Al Jazeera and other International News Agencies. Passive Democracy cannot sustain the Constitutional Ideals under which The United States Of America has labored to create. We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our own People, and we have labored under “extremist” forces in America: Religionists who promote “Prosperity Theology” that claims God will reward economically, those who donate a monetary “seed”, to those religionists-who than falsely promise that God is somehow obligated to “heal, or grant wealth, success, power” or any of the other supposed promises they themselves promise to their donors. This is the heart of the Moral Corruption, that besets our Nation, and our “Christian” faithful. We have been subject to unheralded abuses of Propaganda and even Mind Control Techniques crafted by Psychiatry, that impair cognitive function. These include Psychopharmaceuitcals, and light and sound brain “entrainment” and message “bombardment” that maximizes confusion, and thereby promotes a rigidity of Political, Religious, and Moral ideation. G.W. Bush deliberately created a climate of maximized fear by creating the National threat status that remained at a yellow status completely independent of actual or anticipated threat conditions. The “anthrax” released shortly after 911-01, came from Fort Dix. Just as G. H. Bush stated, our Nation needed an external enemy to solidify our “resolve”, and thus the hatred of Islam was promoted.

Fully 1 in 5 American’s now “watch” Fox News, and their primetime has both created and followed the Conservative agenda. Pat Robertson previously ran for The Presidency, and the “hard” right was assured that they would only “accept” someone who “feared God”-and than GH Bush selected Romney as the candidate-before sufficient votes had been attained. Romney pledges faith to a god that was once a man, and fully commits to the Mormon Apostle. The Catholic Church, desiring to control reproduction, male- female life roles, and the rights of marriage abandoned the very definition of God, in their support of the Romney-Ryan assault on the American way of Life. They knew that they could Legislate over 90% of those alleged “budget” goals, if they had taken the Senate. Thom wisely noted that if John Kerry is selected for Secretary of State, because she has successfully been discredited by the false claims regarding Libya-they will have a chance to gain another Senate seat. This “Fiscal Cliff” is not about the budget, but is about defunding Healthcare, privatizing Social Security, and destroying the authority of the EPA and other agencies by “deficit reduction”. It represents the attempt to implement the Romney-Ryan-Bush remake of the American lifestyles, and Governance. The hysterics, Bachman by example, are claiming that the Obama administration is using the Delphi Mind control technique, a form of cooperative consensus building model designed by the Rand cooperation-while claiming that the UN Agenda 21 is the danger. This is a voluntary effort to support sustainable development and environmental responsibility. It is the EPA guidelines that may help all humanity survive Global Climate change. Grover Norquist has proselytized his rabid “conservative” agenda to Germany and other Nations. As Jon Stewart showed 11-28-12, we have created completely “amoral”, or psychopathic, election consultants who have re-made the image of some legal dictators, so that reforms offered by forward thinking reform candatites, are lost. The FCC is scheduled to potentially revoke the anti monopoly rules, just in time for the Newspaper bids by the psychopathic R. Murdoch. He has successfully destroyed one well respected Newspaper

in Israel, by the same sensationalistic “free” newspaper tactics that was so successful in Brittan. As I review the events that cost this administration the Director of the CIA-General Petraeus, and a highly skilled General, I am reminded that cell phone hacking of Politicians and Personalities, was part of his “tool chest”, and some data may have provided sufficient security that he was not criminally prosecuted by Brittan. I believe that Petraeus has been under CIA or Homeland Security observation for quite a while.

G. W. Bush authorized over 300 small independent P3 agencies to have “access and oversight” of all e-mail, phone, and internet communications, and that these small private agencies are incapable of effective oversight-even if Congress attempted it. One of the 30 words that guarantee complete capture of all personal data, is the term “social media”, which places all Newspaper authors who have reported on it, fully subject to this hidden “capture”, for the duration of the War on Terror. This is the other side of ugly politics, and blackmail and data mining are certainly possible. I believe that either means of spying on Petraeus was likely used. The CIA has committed crimes against humanity, and against our own citizens, and the General was highly moral and effective. His replacement must be highly skilled, and extremely carefully vetted.

So, that is why we are so in need of Russia’s RT and RIA News sources, FSTV, Thom Hartman and even Al Jazeera. We have suffered pronounced propaganda, and the contamination of our Educational Structures, as well as that of the Sciences of Behavior and The Mind. Psychiatry is incorrect in their educational structure, and in the false attribution of mental illness as a “chemical imbalance”. The artificial separation of Sociology and Psychology has distorted diagnosis and treatments, and the National Institutes of Mental Health maintain this fiction on their Official Website.

The Fiscal Cliff is the means of forcing by- essential mind and emotional manipulation, fear mongering, and extortion-the capitulation of Congress in establishing this government reform agenda. This is a ten year plan, so the cuts and taxes do not actually hit all at once. We must Demand a 1 year tax/spending plan, while “real” review and comprehensive legislation is crafted, and it must include an automatic Debit ceiling increase-as world security concerns will prove that an increased Military Budget is advisable. Congress, at the end of one year must be accountable for responsible re-design of programs, and technological integration. They must than craft a 2 year plan, while greater effeciences and reviews are planned and accomplished. This removes the next 2 year plan from the Presidental Election cycle. Further urgent legislation is vital, as the real risk to our whole economic solvency is in peril by the Shadow Banking system. As Thom explained 67 Trillion is currently invested, and trades exceed 70,000 per minute with microwave transmission and computer algorhythmns that have no human action. One bank has 70 Trillion is risk currently. Congress must enact a penny transaction trade tax immediately-for revenue, but most importantly, to enable daily oversight by the IRS to monitor for these risks. The USB case proves that Banking oversight, and criminal and civil penalties are not adequate. These taxes must accrue daily, with reporting to the IRS. Therefore, updated Computer technology is mandatory-and no cost can be spared. Do not saddle our government with the lowest bid contract as we require the best equipment. Our Military Budget should include new fuels for transport. A Hydrogen-oxygen engine is already publicly marketed, and other energy systems can be appropriately developed under their authority. I say-face the cliff, and force the Republicans to fall off with us-to the oblivion of the ballot box, if need be.


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