I invite a "reconceptualiztion" of some of our basic facts of life in the USA:

Oil Deravitives now constitute such a vital necessity in our American life, that it is time that we "reprise" that basic fact.

Without Trucks and Truckers: America Dies. These exlempelary Road Warriors, live long weeks on our Roads, in small mobile living quarters, because they recognize that this highly (and appropriately regulated) job, is absolutely necessary to deliver crucial food, water, gasoline and other less "necessary commodities" to all of our Capatilistic points of sale.America can no longer "accredit" Truckers as unskilled Labor. They are the very backbone of our entire current Civilization. They are only in the News, when Big Rig accidents are reported. Media has probably been ordered to ignore the very real incidents of Terrorist Piracy that routinely confronts them. Piracy of Big Rig cargo, happens, with increased frequency on our US Highways. They risk their lives to support all of our Civilization, especially with Gas deliveries, and the more elective deliveries of "delecacies" and fresh fruits and food commodities, from our Boarders. These Truckers are HEARTLAND WARRIORS, and yet our College Systems, and even Governemnt "swells", look down on them. A fundamental mis-perception of function and value is very present in America. I am hereby attempting to explain how false our idea of worth has become, as it has been artifically crafted to support the supremacy of certain types of work. My Arkansas experience has been crucial to my ability to comprehend this false agrandizement in our society. I, as an individual, perceive value, from my individual experience. My father Lamont J. Seitz, as I have previously said, tested after his life-changing and life threatening events, tested at greater than 99 percentile on the world wide Mensa scale, for Intelligence. I have a portion of his genetics, but most importantly, I have his love of Humanity. I have his love of the ecclectiic, the unusual intelligence, that can express with tremendous skill, a new "melding" of human endeavor He loved Humanity as the representative individual. He taught me "individual values", so that the vissitudes of dififcult circumstances could not divorce me from Human love, or Love of Humanity. Truckers provide a "service" that supports our very survival. Their committment to our survival places our esteem above that of even many College Professors. We can survive literally, without many professors-especially if we maintain a database of accumulated wisdom, or keep publishing books, in hardcopy. The concept of Publish or Perish, is a non seuquitor, when reality intrudes. We prefer both in America, and we must maintain both. The purpose of this discussion is to reveal how biased we have been.

The evidence suggests that our very worth, as Citizens, is dependent upon an artifical construct of Societal Worth.

The Truckers, are our unsung heros: poorly credited, and falsely credited as requiring "less intellectual capacity" than "others". This false idea of importance "in the scheme of things" must be subject to emotional correction, and than, I might hope, economic reparations. We must re-evaluate the vital importance of many aspects of USA functioning. Food resources, in years past have been determined to literally RUN OUT, within 3 days in large Cities such as Los Angeles. Interruption of our Highways for 3 days will stop all food and commodities delivery. Mr. Ryans budget however will stop support for our Railways, which is THE SOURCE, for our Truckers and their deliveries, as otherwise dependent upon SEA or Water Ports. He, and the Republicans/Tea Partiers also exclude Bridge repairs. This supremacist attitude, between the "blue collar Truckers" who are so very vital to our survival, and the mis-perception of "educated supremacy" denies the very crucial role of our Truckers, our Bridegs, our basic transport such as Trains systems. Say no, to the Paul ryan "Disaster Plan for America" budget deal. Contact Congress, no matter how onerous the process. See the Party of One on FB, for a better method of individual Lobbying effort by REAL PEOPLE. THE AMERICAN IDEAL IS NOW HOSTAGE TO THE SUPREME COURT EDICT THAT DECLARED CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, WHO HAPPEN TO HAVE ENORMOUS POWER THROUGH LOBBIEST GROUPS SUCH AS THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION, AND NOW HAVE UNLIMITED POWER TO SPEND.


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