I took the time to learn about the earth's crust and I was amazed that the most abundant element in the crust is oxygen. We certainly cannot see the oxygen, although geologist can deinfitely measure its prevalence. While learning the most abundant elements in the crust, I was even more flabbergasted that all of the most prevailing ingredients with the exception of aluminum and titanium, play critical roles in the human brain and immune system, and in near the exact porportions in which they are distributed in the crust. Oxygen, the most critical component of our existence, silica, and our skin nails, hair, bones, and then iron, our blood, and calcium and our mass in bone marrow, and then sodium and potassium, which is the fuling pump of every cell in our bodies, and magnesium and manganese, which are important ion channels in the brain, and muscular expansion/contraction in our bodies. I now believe that I am a bi-product of planet earth's crust and I no longer question how I got here, as I now know, thanks to science. Here is a pictorial representation of the spreadsheet that I made in Excel that summarizes the earth's crust components and their function in the body and brain.


Earth's Crust and Us


Rodger97321's picture
Rodger97321 5 years 46 weeks ago

Somewhat interesting.

I like the Al & Ti functions listed.

One thing to consider is that cancer cells and non-cancerous cells are made from exactly the same elements - they just start listening to different drummers at some point.

Some of our more precious resources aren't composed of elements at all, but we need the elements in order to be aware of them. I speak of speech and other sounds and thoughts.

I may have heard that Texas textbooks have used Science to discredit itself. The contention being that the very basis of earth sciences is the periodic table and science secretly knows that it is all make believe which is why they call it the periodic table instead of something like the permanentic table or stable table or just plain element table.

Also heard they're simplifying some of the math word problems which have been giving the latest heavy-metal poisoned generation so much trouble of late. Here's one example:

In Congress it takes a majority of the 100 Senators and 430+ Representatives to pass a bill unless it is filibustered in the Senate, in which case it requires 20% more votes in that chamber. Unless it gets vetoed. In that case it requires a 2/3rds vote in both houses to override the veto. Please compute the following (no need to show our work):

How many extra magazines does the NRA recommend you bring when you go to reform the process?

e-nonym's picture
e-nonym 5 years 46 weeks ago

The NRA expects you to be at home reading those magazines like a deranged Don Quixote de la Mancha, dreaming of revolution.

They know a few of you go off every once and a while but "It's all good!"

When they ring the bell you'll eat your own children.

"Mind Control is a Bitch!!!"

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craigdna 5 years 45 weeks ago

Somewhat like Organic Vanadium is required for the development of feathers in a bird, but inorganic vanadium is a very toxic carcinogen, and a biproduct of oil refinement. I think that we do have tumors in our government, such as Mr. Christie. Although, when someone like Chris Christie can appoint near 80 individuals to the port authority of the busiest bridge in the world at 150,000 a pop/yr in his 4 year term, and the appointees do not need experience as they just need to be on his good side by sufficing his narcissism, then I would say that would be a very important start in deconstructing our government.(talk about a run on sentence) Deconstruction can often be more complex and involved than constructing, but it can work. In reference to the sounds and words, there is enough repetitive talk and sounds to make a sane individual commit suicide. Suicide out of redundancy. Noise pollution is not just in the form of machines and cars, but so many people saying the same things over and over. I do believe though, that when the brain gets stuck in the cingulate system, as in ADHD (Overfocussed), Autism(stacking), OCD(thoughts), Narcissism(oneself), Passive Aggressive(vengeance),Histrionic(attention), that it is very much related to the toxic metal syndrome and something as simple as understanding an element chart of our brain's lobes, could help us resolve the area that is the problem. Afterall, expanding awareness is somewhat the opposite of getting stuck, and that is what is required to be more informed about all science. I do not believe science is an absolute or exact anything per se, but I do think it is an awareness with a lot of supporting documentation justifying its direction in society. Near 366 for the filibuster and 353 for the veto, interesting. The NRA and their magazines of profit from fear. Interesting experience at the supermarket with magazines. At every checkstand, there were roughly 47 magazines there, and all of them, were for women. Not one Popular Mechanics, software or hardware magazine, nor any Scientific American, or earth and/or life magazines, and this is numerous supermarket chains, not just one. I imagine that in Texas and Arizona, their magazines at the checkstands of their supermarkets are not in the form of literature.

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