It's been a big year for the LGBT community: DADT was struck down and the military is paving the way for gay folks to serve their country openly -- while -- New York became the largest state to open the altar to gay couples, a huge shift in momentum following the Prop 8 decision out in California.

Much like the rest of my Trophy Kid peers, I've never understood the hate (and truly, there's not much else to call it) Born Again America has for gay folks. To me, the Ameri-Christian ballyhooing over homosexual love and the degradation of our "country's morals" have echoed far too closely to those from the days of Jim Crow -- when laws were passed to keep blacks and whites out of each other's lives (and bedrooms).

But there's more to this "moral purity/God hates the gays too" bullshit than just the shadows cast by America's bigoted history. When you consider the amount of money this country spends building remote-controlled machine guns with wings and super-sonic missile launchers that can drop bombs from the obscurity of 30,000 feet -- it gets even harder to watch right-wing pundits and congressman take to the airwaves lambasting homosexuality as the root of all moral decay -- a sign that America is wading into fiery lakes of European secularism and Moral Relativity.

Under the guise of fighting "terrorism" and protecting the "Nation" -- we have built some of the most terrifyingly destructive, and terrifyingly effective, killing machines ever devised my the human mind. Now, armed only with a joystick and a Redbull, our "brave soldiers" can take to the skies -- mowing down any turban that moves, all while never having to see the poor chap's face. Death delivered by Remote Video Feed -- the true mark of an advanced civilization. America's prolific use of technology to smite those who've forsaken our God and His sacred Bronze Bull down on Wall Street, now there's a moral compass gone haywire. But to pipe into the major right-wing memestreams of this country -- again -- it's all about the gays (or the Islamo-terrorists!).

I mean, seriously, the irony here is so thick -- you could probably sheer it and weave a bullshit sweater.

It seems strange that in this so-called Christian nation, human love can find a way to trump mechanized death on the "moral shenanigans" meter. Granted, most of us with intact moral compasses understand that these True Believer Bigots have been completely hoodwinked by the Corporate Kings and their Court of Anti-Intellectual Jesters. The truth of the matter is that these killing machines were devised for Corporate Offense, not National Defense. These blokes are paying guys like Murdoch, Ailes, Limbaugh, and Beck to broker their fire-branded memes and burn them into the minds of bitterly aging Americans who are mad as hell at the world at large -- and boy do they need a Devil to hate. Homophobia, Islamophobia, Obamaphobia -- Jesus. H. Christ -- Lord only knows which of these would win in a foot race.

But every Corporate King needs a new 3rd-world market to exploit and so he must rally the Paupers to his side; really, it's the oldest trick in the Anglo-Capitalist's book.

Truly though -- most of us Millennials see this Gay Hate charade as just another passing phase of our imperfect National Story. Just like those Days of Jim Crow, the Days of George W will pass into obscurity, and -- if New York is any indicator -- gay folks will finally begin to recoup the rights that were lost and the liberties that are owed. At some point or another -- those Holy Hypocrites will finally lose their megaphones and the country will begin to recognize, by majority, "love" is a natural, beautiful thing and "war machines" -- well -- those devilish contraptions are the real root of our rampant moral decay. And though I see this day coming, I can't help but wonder about the next moral hang-up on the horizon.

I wonder about the black man back in the 60's who bemoaned the injustice of miscegenation -- yet, now in old age -- refuses to recongnize the same injustice being perptrated on the gay community. I wonder about the folks who were raised to strictly abide by the Good Book and were left behind as our ever-evolving culture continued it's onward progress at light-speed, welcoming and appreciating "love" of all colorful stripes and "faiths" of all Holy types. I wonder if I -- in my twilight years -- may ever find myself championing the cause of some controversial Moral Crusade.

And then it hits me.

In my lifetime, I will see the day when machine intelligence surpasses that of the average mortal man. I will see the day when the human/machine connection will finally kick the keyboard and redefine the term "multi-touch interface." Indeed, though the idea of a fully autonomous AI -- for many -- is still a sci-fi pipe dream, the Millennial Generation will one day have to cope with human/machine love. I wonder how we'll fair, or how our grandchildren and great-grandchildren might come to view us and our eventual "old world" ideologies?How will they view my generation's reaction to a 21st century Pygmalion, when humans begin to experiment with building their soul mates bit by bit, memetic algorithm by memetic algorithm? What will happen when machines are no longer used solely as portals to the digiverse or to remotely kill the infidel -- but to explore the human capacity to love and connect with other beings, biological or otherwise?

What will I do, and how will I feel if my daughter brings a robot home? Honestly -- I have no idea.

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Conservatives supposedly hate freeloading. So why are they trying to legalize it?

Conservatives supposedly hate freeloaders.

So why do they support right to work laws - which literally legalize freeloading?

Our nation's nine unelected monarchs on the Supreme Court are poised to deal yet another blow to organized labor.