I think I was listening to some KPFK (Los Angeles) show maybe 2-3 years back. I remember it was August. I think it might have been Thom's show. Can anyone help me?

Someone was making the following point. (Thom himself? maybe Bernie Sanders?)

Folks who identify as "Democrat" and folks who identify as "Republican" actually have views which have much MORE in common than either side thinks. We are led to believe we are opposing, when we are actually in agreement more often than not.

4 or 5 examples were given from actual polls. I don't remember them all. But it sort of went like this:

Example 1:

Should our government be the "hire-er of last resort"? That is, if corporations are not offering any decent jobs in my area, I should be able to walk down to my local government office and be given some work that will sustain me.

Agreement -- Dems: ~90% Reps ~60%

Example 2:

Currently, in most states, restaurants get away with paying their waiters and waitresses less than minimum wage, using the fact, "they get tips" as an excuse. But it's a hard, and basically, poverty-level job. So should waiters and waitresses be by law paid at least minimum wage PLUS tips?

Agreement: again, Dems ~90%, Republicans ~60%

And the examples went on.. The point was that why aren't we working on the issues in our country which we AGREE on?

Answer: Because the powers that be (0.1 %) oppose exactly those things that most of us agree on! Therefore the game becomes one of propagandizing to us 2 images of ourselves which we buy, and then fall into, agreeing to war with each other when in fact we are -- in reality, proven by these polls -- allies!

Finally, it was mentioned by the speaker that he has seen a friend of his enter a party full of Republicans, and identify himself as a Republican, and that no self-respecting Republican would let this injustice go by" (or some such) and by the time he is done, they are all nodding their heads in agreement to all the above polling points.

The point being that Republicans and Democrats are all just PEOPLE. And that, as people, we may have some disagreements, but mostly we agree on the same things: justice, decency, hard-work, etc. But that the powers-that-be are more interested in dividing us, via the media propaganda, and thus, we believe this image of ourselves -- and act on it -- as opposing each other, when in fact, we really, for the most part, do not. At least, not on the major economic issues. That we are led to argue on the kinds of divisive issues that are for the most part NOT economic -- gun control, gay rights, abortion, immigrants, etc.

Does this program ring a bell with anyone? I would really like to recover it. Because I think in order for us ALL to get our government back, we need to find common ground, and push the opportunists and dividers out.

If anyone has a link, or date, or quote, or know where this was from, I'd really appreciate it.



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