When fascism began in earnest in U.S.

I was an employee of an State agency, who's basic only restraint was that we would determine if any member of public were an danger to themselves or the public.

we could and did ask for "Your Papers" , your ID please. and could "Frisk" them on the spot. women included. We did take people into custody, and take them to be evaluated at a state hospital, to affirm or determine if they were actually a danger as above. More ironic perhaps, is our uniform, were when we not in civilian clothing, was black shirt and pants, and our collar pin was an S.S. for state security. most often we were told to wear street clothing, as we were to infiltrate public events. so, when I told people we were more or less, secret police, they often laughed, and said, they don't exist in America. well, we did exist. and we found it funny, when they formed the department of homeland security. as we were doing that for a long time. but, in the 1980s' the president and white house really got started in telling our leadership, that we should train more in anti-terror aspects. and the military industrial firms, began to send sales people to pitch better radios, and taser and CS / CN gas, and the like.

Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

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