Lejeune: Past Water Contamination - Public Health


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dan from forence al 4 years 42 weeks ago

The World is a Dangerous Place, not because of those who do Evil, but because of those who Look on and do Nothing!! Albert Einstein.

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dan from forence al 4 years 42 weeks ago

This is Bigger than Most People are Aware of!!

Roland369 4 years 42 weeks ago

Unfortunately, there are many U.S. military bases here in the U.S. and overseas that are classified as toxic sites (some are bases closed down during the Clinton Administration). Some have leaked per chlorate (rocket fuel), trichlor (electronics cleaning agent), and other chemicals into the local environment. Sites like Norton AFB, and have polluted fresh water wells in the county.

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Rodger97321 4 years 42 weeks ago

i was glad to see a while back that they were finally acknowledging the danger and authorizing the VA to include having been stationed at LeJeune as a pertinent part one one's medical history.

Unfortunately, they seem to have out-sourced some of the work (privatised) to P.R. types instead of medical / science savvy ones.

This is one thing I found glancing thru the link provided on the site:

... The contaminated wells were shut down in February 1985.

The chemicals primarily were:

Perchloroethylene (PCE) (145 KB, PDF), a dry cleaning solvent

Trichloroethylene (TCE) (76 KB, PDF), a metal greasing solvent

Benzene (55 KB, PDF), a fuel component

Vinyl chloride (59 KB, PDF), which can form when TCE and PCE are broken down...

(Doesn't inspire confidence that they put greasing vs. degreasing for TCE)

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