Well the world didn't end on 12/23/2012. Or it ended and "REALITY" split and we live in the universe that survived. Or maybe we are toast any day now. Or maybe MAN-CAUSED global warming has slowed the growth of Polar Ice sheets which would have provided the pressure to cause Sudden Continental Shifts of the Earth's crust. Sounds crazy? Einstein didn't. Picture the Earth as an egg. Now imagine the Egg shell is 3 times thinner. THAT IS THE EARTH's crust! We live on POND SCUM!

Our ancestors warned us, "Prepare! Extinctions occur in cycles. Nobody listens."

Consider- Mammoths and tropical forests-flash frozen and the meat still edible after THOUSANDS of years!

Fossils of trees and coal deposits found 200 miles from the South Pole!

The Mayans said they got their info from the Gods. The Atlanteans or the Antarcticans?

*C.P. Hapwood-Graham Hancock-Robert Bauval- Hopis-mopeys-dopeys


dankir 6 years 47 weeks ago

What about dem dare Egypchins? What about dem dare pearumids and shit? Hah?

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 47 weeks ago
Well the world didn't end on 12/23/2012

Wasn't supposed too. It was the end of an era, not the world. Only goofy white people claimed it was Armageddon.

Global warming is basically a diversion to divide the people in unprovable scenarios and avoiding the real danger of fossil fools, sulfur, dioxins and pcb's. Not to mention the wars, sickness and pollution they cause. It also diverts from alternative renewable resources like Hemp that has a neutral carbon footprint, but could reduce fossil fools with its organic fiber, cellulose and protein in the seeds, reducing the billions of cows. By replacing the inferior tree lumber and paper with hemp the CO2 would be removed more with living trees. Global warming is seen as a terrible thing to the real estate markets building high price homes close to the oceans. Melting the ice caps would lose fresh water to the salty sea. Polar bears think it sucks, but then I don't know why they couldn't move to Alaska or Canada instead of being made poster children for Greenpieces. Maybe we could tow ice bergs to the states and make fresh water lakes as reservoirs.

CO2 retains heat, heat expands substances, including water or oceans. Not good for low lying areas, islands or coastal property. But not unhealthy in and of itself, like the poisons that come with fossil fools or nukes. The laws of Thermodynamics dictate how extreme the weather will become. The temp difference determines the speed in which the heated air will travel. Wind. Heat always moves toward cold or rather, less heat. If the poles are warming then the difference would be less and therefore the wind speed of the heated air. Or tornados and hurricane classifications determined by wind speed. Cooling the Gulfstream with melted glaciers seems temporary until it equals out eventually, but in nature that could be centuries. It might or will change the ambient temps of certain places like Greenland. But as it warms it will blend with the remaining weather systems imho. I never liked those Arctic storms anyway. So our best interest is to replace fossil fools and stop exporting cattle, stop growing poison cotton, or making plastic from crude oil and pave the roads with veggie oil asphalt. not crud. Where do potholes go?

The Mayan Calendar - The World Will Not End


dankir 6 years 47 weeks ago

Well, that is one interpretation. You can always find a Pessimistic and an Optomistic Mayan if you can find one. I'm just sayin. Potholes go "Where No Potholes have gone before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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