Taking his cue from Ronald Reagan (who made my generation pay for my Parents and my own by doubling my SS payments) and all the other Presidents who forced young healthy men march off to war and die, I am with all these people who care about young men who want to be irresponsible. Why should these young men plan for their future? Where is the FREEDOM?


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mdhess 6 years 17 weeks ago

Yes, well, we pay for our parents and grandparents one way or another anyway don't we? Isn't social security taxes that fund an income for them so that they are self sufficient rather more convenient than having your mother and father or granny and grampa move in with you and have you feed and clothe them? And a far as Obamacare, if young men don't want to pay it they can pay the fine (tax) which goes to support the burden of healthcare that ends up being foisted upon society anyway. Why should responsible people have to pay higher premiums just because irresponsible people want to shurk their social responsibility. Perhaps Congress could add a rider to the healthcare bill which says that if a person puts up a million dollar bond they can opt out of the ACA. I'm sure lots of young men could afford that

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