bs jfk talk

The maffia killed jfk give me a braeak. why do you not have dave emerory on to dissuss this. what a load of trash and then you tried to blame bobby for his own brothers death as if he would beleive that castro did it that was a phase two conspiricey put out bye the military cia whatever but it came from are own government cornal flectcher prowdey check him out.we have been employing the mob and still do, they have no power we let them have power just like the drug trade.who told the secret service to stand down that day.jfk was making deals with casto to get rid of the missels there boby knew what really had to come from are own government the mob does not have that kind of power if they did they would never have let kennedy win in the first place.

but I guess you believe obama is a democrat and 911 was done bye people living out of caves I would love to debate this live this is outrages!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS WHY THE COUNTRY IS GONE YOU ARE AN IDIOT

I am ashamed of you thom hartman you should have some real reserchers on your show but then again you are making a lot from the movie deal

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.