I am a small business owner in Seattle, WA and want my employees to have healthcare.

I hang out out at local conservative bar and everyone there knows me as the progressive liberal...so there have been many conersations that I have had there concerning healthcare. The platform I stand strongly on is about getting healthcare out of business...it should not be the business of a small or even large business to have to deal with healthcare. When I state it to the conservative audience from this stand point, they actually seem to get it....I have probably had over 90% of the conservative I talk to agree with me....

So the point I am really making here is to stop talking about single payer and or socialized healthcare as the there are millions who have complete resistence to these words...you have to speak in their language in order to communicate with them.

Then of course they ask ...well how you gonna pay for it...There are two main ways that I see (and I'm sure there are many more ways) are

1. Increasing corporate taxes ...justified by the savings and now hasslefree nature of not having to deal with healthcare

2. Reasonable Tarrifs of goods being imported into this country....

If I ask my conservative friends if they would pay 10 cents more on their shirt, pants, wallet and shoes they are wearing that have been imported into this country.... everyone agrees they would pay that extra amount!

I regularly shop at Trader Joes in Seattle and rarely see the same people working there. I don't really get a relationship with my "local grocer." TJs is not giving many of their employees full time work as well as the largest employer in the US...Walmart because they don't want to pay healthcare.

Just think of the power that this will do for the workforce in the US if more poeple have actual full time work. The whole healthcare issue has been taken out of business.


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zapdam 3 years 25 weeks ago

The answer is single payer government run health care unconditional cradle to grave free health care,( paid for out of general tax revenues, like your military) just like they have up in Canada for over a half century now.

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