The very wealthy have unfairly avoided paying their fair share of taxes. The most fundamental and the most expensive function that US government performs is the protection of wealth through the military, judicial system, intelligence and other agencies. And this protection serves the wealthy more than the non wealthy. The 9\11 terrorists targeted big buildings and big business. The terrorist didn’t target the middle class. If the share that the rich had to pay for war was in proportion to the size of their assets, what do you think would happen?


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conservativeview 8 years 48 weeks ago

How much would you tax the wealthy? Who are you to define fair share and tax brackets? If you wanted to be fair we would all pay the same percentage of our incomes to the government. Instead you want to prey upon the rich to solve your problems. I say your problems because I don't hear you taking the initiative to pay more in taxes to help out the country. If you think about it, more money can be made by increasing the tax brackets in the middle class.

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makuck 8 years 48 weeks ago

If the wealthy demand a war to protect their wealth and world view they have forcefully imposed over the decades, then they should pay for 100% of the war. Killing terrorists in the middle east has absolutely zero impact on my life, terrorists have absolutely no way what so ever of damaging me: first because I have limited assets, second because I'm in the middle of nowhere, and third because if they did make it all the way out to me they'd be on foot and on the same playing field I'm on -yet 10% of my paycheck goes to cruise missiles, jet fighters, and Apache attack helicopters.. but my own damn daughter and wife don't get health care, because 10% of my paycheck it going to kill strangers I don't give a crap about!

We're attacking a people who still use freaking donkeys to haul things around, and when our soldiers kill one of their donkeys, that's like a year of wages to them, are they really a threat to us? We are bombing things that have world treasures. Afghanistan has some of the oldest oil paintings in the world and the largest/oldest Buddhist statues, and Iraq had massive museums of world culture in the cradle of civilization that have been bombed to smithereens. Notice we only attack people who have freaking donkeys.

We don't attack people who actually have sophisticated technology like us.. like China.. even though they are the only country who has threatened us with nuclear weapons in the past 30yrs! Doesn't take great intelligence to figure that one out.

Real threats we deal with diplomacy. Weak threats we feel at liberty to bully and steal their natural resources or use for political gain.

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gduell 8 years 8 weeks ago

The middle and lower classes are already paying as much as they can. A few hundred bucks more or less per month in income means the difference between survival and bankruptcy for most. A few million more or less per month means nothing to Warren Buffet.

The real point is that taxes are not fair and never will be; they are necessary to pay for the things none of us can or would do on our own such as build transportation infrastructure, defend the country, educate ALL children, keep our air, water and soil healthy, run a fair and effective legal system and all the other common assets needed by a civilized society. We are failing to do so. We need more money. Those reaping the greatest benefits from our rapidly crumbling commons are conspiring to allow it to crumble, as if that in some way benefits them in the long term. They have no concept of "enough" and will never be satisfied with the level of income or assets they possess (need I say "Koch brothers"?). So, in effect, our country is being led by the mentally ill because insatiable desire is pathological.

Let's do away with the real "entitlements": offshoring corporate profits to avoid taxes, being rewarded by the tax code for moving jobs overseas, the lavish benefits ejoyed by Congressional millionaires who don't need them, the plethora of corporate tax loopholes, the plethora of tax dodges for the wealthy such as the capital gains tax, the unlimited transfer of unmerited wealth from generation to generation (I know, there are caps, but they are easily circumvented by simple advance planning).

As a country, as a civilized society, we cannot cut our way to global competitiveness. We need to become the best and not be seduced by this slide into cheapness.

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