This is what's disgusting to me: That President Obama and the leaders of the "Democratic" Party see Progressives as a greater threat than Republicans.

If only they showed Progressives 1/10th of the willingness to shift or compromise than they show to the Republican extremists!

The WH, Harry Reid, and the Blue Dogs are simply following a failed strategy: give the appearance of fighting for Progressive policies and change, but make sure it doesn't really happen; don't do anything that might interrupt the flow of corporate $$$$.

Obama and the Democrats aren't stupid. This is intentional. The Democratic leadership is all corporate. Given the choice between working for votes and election results, or keeping the corporate $$$$, they're choosing the corporate $$$$ every time. That's why there is NO attempt to refute or counter the GOP/Mainstream Media talking points. The Democratic Party, from the top down, is taking a dive -- joining forces with corporations, and actively working to drive Progressives out of the Party.

Can someone please give me some concrete examples to refute this? Because when I add up everything I see, it ain't pretty.

It's painful to watch -- like watching a boxer who's "taking a dive," intending to lose -- but taking it the full 15 rounds, just to see how many people keep on cheering for him and betting on him.

The other effect of this "strategy" is to destroy the credibility of any Democratic candidate who campaigns for Progressive policies and Change. It's the ultimate Rovian coup -- to drive a stake through the heart of Progressivism. That's why the GOP and MM (Glenn Beck, et al) are now calling Obama and the Democrats "Progressives" and "Liberals".

It's hard enough for the Progressives to fight the GOP and the MM alone, but to have to fight the Democratic Party as well is daunting.

Keep on fighting and doing the Right Things! If all those guys are against us, we must be doing the Right Things.


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