The single BEST thing about Bernie is; HE'S NOT HILLARY!!

Too bad the 'powers that be' will never let him in the Backroom


solsenz's picture
solsenz 4 years 20 weeks ago

How can we get the networks to show what Bernie's about? I've tried looking for contact info for MSNBC & CNN and can't find anything. I've reposted on facebook his announcement..

Steven.PBarrett 4 years 20 weeks ago

You need to watch MSNBC more often, especially Ed Schultz' show at 5 pm. Bernie's been on Ed's show more than enough times to be considered a "regular." As for CNN, well, I hardly watch it so I can't pass judgment on how often they cover Sen. Sanders' legislative actions and public comments.

Hell, I watch Fox more often than CNN just to stay ahead of anybody who cites their fav heroes, Hannity, O'Reilly e/a. Sometimes even those characters can be amusing ... but of course for reasons they'd take offense for being called out on.

Fox, by the way, has to be very careful with Bernie because despite all the temptations that bunch will face with how they'll characterize and tar Bernie's long record in Congress and public service beginning in Burlington, VT: the wolves will be hard pressed to tar Bernie with the red paint of being a closet Bolshie just because the senator is a proclaimed independent-minded socialist in the Social Democrat mode found throughout western Europe.

If anything, Bernie's a very old fashioned Democrat, something the party's deep pocketed but philosophically self-styled "pragmatists" (read wimpy neocons) who took over the party during the mid-Seventies have a very difficult time coming to terms with.

'Tis a pity for a party to be saddled with so many bigshots burdened with so many guilty consciences.

Bernie scares the present-day old guard. And that's a very, very good thing in and of itself.

Duh's picture
Duh 4 years 20 weeks ago

Bernie's wep page was suspended. I suspect he needs a better server. I gave him a donation and that worked. Now it don't.

Executive 4 years 20 weeks ago

I think is a new website, because it says coming 5.26.2015 -- May 26.

His current website is a government one :

ddanl's picture
ddanl 4 years 19 weeks ago

NEVER happen, sorry to say, Media is owned by Republican('t)s and CIA Propaganda. the only real News is coming from overseas (don't trust Al Jazeera, they're owned by Saudis), that doesn't count for BBC, all British Conservative Propaganda.

i follow Corbett Report, from japan

too bad Bernie isn'trunning for Emperor of Japan

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