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As I do appreciate your continuing contribution to truth and liberty for the people. Far more of the "bigger" picture is exposed on Free Speech, RT and Democracy Now. I still get the same end results of spinning wheels. While it is obvious Republicans are more fear based and therefore more apt to go along than question. The Democrats are remaining in their defensible mode fighting off GOP gibberish. Still at the end of the day nothing is changed. This is no longer Kansas Dorothy. The planet earth is the new country of the G-20 1%. Cheap labor is their only allegiance. Sovereignty is a silly notion the same as the Constitution, workers safety and fair wages. If it wasn't so obvious I'd say the MSM is to blame. But its not much different, it never is, it never has been. Truth is seldom part of History. Censorship prevents truth and yet the diplomas of ignorance dictate policy boards. So watcha gonna do? I think of it as the Neocons as the NFL, while the political parties are the various teams. Battling each other within the rules of the Neocons. Trying to solve problems that bring profits treating isn't prudent at this juncture. The Mexamericanadians will serve the world banksters and inter/multi national corporations with their employees in government.

The NRA is in conjunction with the Military Industrial Complex, selling guns and bullets and the war paraphernalia used in for profit Police Actions since Korea and Vietnam and the longest war on drugs. Rather plants. Renewable resources are as taboo as prevention and cures to the Neocon moneysluts. Profit on misery is profit period. Saving sick people from homegrown remedies by caging them in $72k Kochroach Hotels never reaches their cubicles crunching numbers. Numbers have no soul or can they represent the persons needs. Warehousing is a growth industry over home-care and compassion for Americans who built this country and their own homes they can no longer afford to live in due to health care providers. 1/3 is taxes, where is Grover on the disease tax? Even the real estate complex wants them out. Think of the new Untied States of Anemica as trickle down tax breaks outsourcing jobs while unemployment rises as fast as the infrastructure falls apart. Until the private Neocons take over. I've been advocating Cannabis over 40 years. While the textile mills NAFTA/GATT to China and India. My blue jeans are a schedule #1 narcotic. On purpose. While the sheople grazed on Watergate the CSA was hatched. Removing thousands of homegrown products/jobs. Past lessons forgotten or censored, are lessons never learned.

Everyone knows Al Capone but what about Rockefellers donation to expand the Womans Christian Temperance League rhetoric? Or Hearst whiskey madness equal to his reefer madness. Then a coincidental change of heart after Rockefellers crude oil stations were in place. No one stopped drinking, only thing the Alcohol prohibition accomplished was to remove the homegrown distilled tractor fuel from the farmers. From Hemp, corn and veggie remnants left after the harvest, not corn. Another sabotage maneuver to drive up food cost. Fraking or drilling or wars aborting babies Op ResQ never mentions. Oil in Colombia over Al Gores wells and Indian burial grounds. After the first failed experiment family farmers were forced to buy diesel or gasoline. Rudolph Diesel invented his engine to run on peanut oil, not crude. So many signs yet so few seem to be reading them. Oh btw, Lincoln only freed slaves under the war powers act, meaning only Confederates. What ended slavery was not humanitarianism, it was the same old schit, cheap labor. The Industrial Revolution ended slavery making it cheaper to plow fields with a tractor than housing clothing and feeding a dozen slaves.

Lets get over ourselves and demand truth with consequences for lies. Especially in legislation. Lies make things fantasy. Lying to Congress by Representatives should be a swift public trial and an example set. Money is also something excluded from the Constitution and should be from elections and legislature. Another obvious safeguard removed without a whimper. When Bush junior declared Mission Accomplished he instantly changed a sanctioned by Congress non profit "war" into a for profit no bid nepotistic "police action" bilking the tax payer out of a trillion dollars. So while our National Guard is Policing the Planet our Military is droning our citizens and stealing their privacy. All for profit. Irony is jerking a Wallmart plastic flag at a kid being deployed to war in the Mid East. Wallmart makes their flags in China where kids sew the colored plastic material made from crude oil bought from the Mid East. Where the money goes to buy bullets that shoot the American kids deployed for lack of employment. Why don't they make Hemp flags and skip the war?
Peace Love and Liberty

FIBRE PLANTS — Hemp, The Children’s Encyclopedia, 1909

Popular Mechanics-February, 1938

Nixon's lumping Medicinal and Hemp into the mix after the 1937 Marihuana Tax Ax was overturned kept crude oil, trees, cotton, booze, pesticides, plastic and wars protecting the pillages free to profit, without competition. Just a coincidence? Nixon did what the international banksters and corporate status weird said to do. Nothing about law and order. Law and odor work for big biz the same as the Washington politikons.

Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention

from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.


The Neoconfederacy: One Year Ago!


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