Puppycide in Fulton, MO
— just another in a long line of dead dogs resulting from a small marijuana bust.

A few days ago, SWAT officers of the Fulton (Missouri) Police Department shot and killed a dog while serving a “narcotics” search warrant. The residents of the house asked if they could cage the dog. The officers denied the request, ordering that the dog to be chained to a tree. The dog got loose and was then shot eight times, the first six shots wounding the dog and the last two point-blank, shotgun blasts killing it. After finishing off the first dog, the officers first maced and then turned their guns on caged puppies only stopping when confronted by concerned neighbors.

After kicking in doors, killing a family pet, pepper-spraying and attempting to kill two caged puppies, and generally terrorizing a neighborhood, the only charge filed against the Fulton man was misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was released the same day. Par for the course in the War on Drugs. We’ve certainly seen plenty of similar dog executions here in Columbia. We’ve interviewed grieving dog owners and shown proof that the dogs were shot while running away from officers. And don’t forget the infamous SWAT raid that made Columbia, MO the dog shooting capital of the world. A guess Fulton wants in on the action.

DAREyl SWAT Gates LAPDog Perversions
Daryl Gates was picked to be the chauffeur for Chief William H. Parker. During his lengthy tenure as chief, Parker greatly reformed and streamlined the LAPD, bringing in changes to stamp out corruption and improve efficiency. In general, Parker's reforms had the effect of making LAPD a paramilitary body.

SWAT (special weapons and tactics)
The first SWAT team was established by inspector Daryl Gates in the Los Angeles Police Department in 1968.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education, better known as DARE
Founded by Daryl F. Gates in 1983.

“Casual drug users should be taken out and shot.”
– Daryl DARE Gates – Former LAPD Chief

Raw Video: Columbia,
MO Police Bust Open Door And Shoot Family Dogs During Drug Raid

Salt Lake police shoot, kill two dogs in drug bust

Mayor's Dogs Killed During Drug Bust

Mayor's Family Terrorized, Dogs Killed, in Drug Bust Mix-up

Shoot first, kill the Mayor’s dogs – ask later
The drug raid by Prince George’s County law officers on the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo last week was a Keystone Kops operation from start to finish.

Understand from the beginning, there was little or no investigation, the mayor and his family -and their dogs – were innocent, the Sheriffs who invaded the mayors house did not have a no-knock warrant.

Law Enforcement: Video
SWAT Team Killing Dogs in Front of Child During Pot Raid Stirs Outrage

Cowardly Drug Cops Kill Dogs during low-level pot bust

Dog killed in drug bust
- Thursday, April 19, 2012 | Fostoria Review
A Fostoria family is upset over what they say was the unjust killing of their dog by police

Sheriffs Threaten to Kill Paraplegic Man's Dog in Marijuana Bust

Marijuana Raid Caught On Tape (Dogs Shot) - YouTube

SWAT Team Kills Dog With Child Present,
Arrest Father In Misdemeanor Marijuana Bust

Albany Cop Attacked by Dog, Shot by Deputy During Drug Bust

Police BUST INTO Family's Home

Swat Team Kills Innocent Mayor's Dogs!
Botched Drug Bust for POT!!! Wake Up America!
Who's safe from the brutal tactics of the zero-tolerance drug war? No one, apparently. During the raid they killed the mayor's two Labrador retrievers. In the ensuing investigation, it was discovered that the police did not even possess a no knock warrent

Where's PETA? The ASPCA? The HCUA?
The House Committee on Un-American Activities

1. We Doneed no stinkin warrants.
2. knock on door, ah forgetaboutit.
3. kick door down...
4. shoot dogs. Next.
Ganjawar Puppycide pics
Forfeiture $quads


Ganjawar Puppycide


DdC's picture
DdC 5 years 24 weeks ago

When Police Learn DrugWarRant
Via Radley Balko: Dog shooting prompts police to change policies

Balko’s been in the forefront of getting the public aware of the outrageous amount of puppycide that takes place with law enforcement (and many of these killings are part of routine drug warrant enforcement).

Here’s a rare example where public reaction has resulted in real policy change.

❝ Assistant Police Chief David Carter said a new policy that will go into effect July 1 addresses the options officers have when compelled to use force against dogs.One of the most significant changes to the policy, Carter said, is that it is more specific on what constitutes a dangerous animal and when an officer can use deadly force against one.

The new policy clarifies that lethal force is authorized if officers decide there is “imminent danger of bodily harm” to themselves or another human, not when a dog is simply acting aggressively, Carter said. It requires a higher level of discretion; the old policy was less specific and said lethal force can be used if an animal is a threat to safety.

The new policy also explains alternatives to deadly force, including yelling at a dog, firing a Taser or using pepper spray.

There are other revisions as well, Carter said. The new policy raises the level of scrutiny on fatal dog shootings. If an officer does use deadly force against a dog, he or she must explain why lesser force was not used, and the incident will be reviewed by the entire chain of command — not just an officer’s sergeant, as is current policy, he said.

“It raises the stature” of dog shootings, Carter said. “We need to be as accountable for the shooting of a dog as any other force.❞

They’re also going to institute trainging for cadets on how to handle aggressive dogs without lethal force.

Good news. It would be nice if it was more than just one police department…
~ Pete Guither

anonymous green 5 years 24 weeks ago

That's a great picture, echoing one of National Lampoons best covers: "Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog."

In this case, it's more like, 'buy our pharmaceuticals', which according to the DEA, kill more people each year than heroin and crack cocaine combined.

Real Tea, Real Party.

The Stalk Market Report, July 31, 2012

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