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sheilach2 7 years 40 weeks ago

THOM HARTMANN you are no "progressive"!

By supporting Obama You have also been supporting the stati quo, the PTB, the police state, the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT prison system, our PRIVATE FOR PROFIT health "care" system and our endless illegal, unjust WARS and occupations.

By supporting Obama, your supporting a man who have violated his oath of office, the constitution and bill of rights many times.

By expanding those dam free trade agreements, he has sent more of OUR JOBS to the dictatorship of communist China, Obama extended those Bush tax cuts for the rich, raising the deficit even higher, Obama has sent more of our young people overseas to wage illgal wars and occupations, "Gitmo" is still open and "our" torture is done in other, more closed, countried like Pakistan, he has expanded using remotely controlled KILLER DRONES on mere "suspects", he signed a bill that would allow this corrupt governemt to indefinately detain any American on mere suspician, people have had their residences raided and the residents JAILED because they MIGHT be planning to protest against this corrupt, warmongering, constitution and bill of rights violating government.

Being considered INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY has been twisted 180 degrees, now we are GUILTY until we can prove ourselves innocent.

Obama LIED when he said he would end persicuting sick cannabis users, instead, he has raided cannabis clinics, jailed growers and sick users and destroyed their medicine and more people than ever are incarcerated for using, growing or possesing a mere PLANT!

The last "democrat" I voted for was President Clinton, then he pushed and got NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and GATT, proving Ross Perot right as OUR JOBS were sucked up and moved overseas mainly to the dictatorship of communist China.

I will not waste my corporate controlled and counted "vote" for any non-progressive "democrat" and all democrats allowed to run for a higher office are all corporate puppets, just like Obama has been proven to be.

SHAME ON YOU THOM HARTMANN for supporting this lying war criminal, you are no "progressive"!

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DdC 7 years 40 weeks ago

THOM HARTMANN didn't post this, I did. I don't necessarily support Obama, but to blame him for Boosh doings only shows your partisanship. Or to suck up to the wall st poster boy Mittney only shows your lack of intelligence or lack of American loyalty. True what you say about NAFTA/GATT. But it was implemented by Junior. I agree Obama hasn't progressed. He's been stonewalled and blocked at every attempt. Boosh is the war criminal who started the war on lies. The GOPerverts were shouting to continue the war when Obama got into office. Sure he has continued Afghanistan and every mention of withdrawal gets republickers in a hissy fit. Obama has done what he could and never claimed to be anything extreme leftists would like. I'm disappointed in his continuing the drug war, but the opposition to his doing otherwise would lynch him if they had a chance. He has kept his word on states rights, more than Boosh Ashcroft. He hasn't arrested any individuals and they are the only ones federally authorized to use cannabis under the state proposition, as he claimed. No one is covered under state law to sell or to give away large quantities. Wishful thinking but not a lie as was continual under Junior Cheney. We have a clear choice between slimy fascism and republican lite democrats or toss away votes with third parties. How can 8 years of rape and pillage be forgotten so quickly? Where were these voices and shrill screams when Boosh was draining the budget and raising the deficit and prison population to 2.3 million? Once again Methinks thou dost protest too much! Lesser evils may not be good but they are less evil. Thats been the way it is for 40 years of my casting votes and it never ceases to amaze me how many non toking people have such short term memory loss. Pathetic.

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May I suggest a Toke-A-Day May Keep Your Old Memory Functioning

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DdC 7 years 39 weeks ago

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