Congress has tunnels in their brains dwr
So, our morons Congress have come up with a new law! Because there weren’t enough already.

You know how traffickers have been using tunnels (along with submarines, aircraft, corrupt TSA employees and just about any other device) to smuggle drugs into the country?

Well, Congress decided that the problem has been not that drug smuggling is obscenely profitable, but rather that people just don’t know you’re not supposed to dig tunnels under the border and smuggle drugs and stuff. So they’re writing a law to make that illegal. full story

The Border Tunnel Prevention Act of 2012 has been authored by Sivestre Reyes (not to be confused with the much more intelligent Silvester the Cat). Dianne Feinstein is the sponsor of the Senate version.

Diane Feinstein – the best argument for term limits

Smuggling... Least Violates the Consciences of Men

"Of all serious crimes under the law, smuggling... least violates the consciences of men. It is a crime against law and against government, but not against morality. The smuggler robs no man. He buys goods honestly in one market and sells them honestly in another. His offense is against an arbitrary regulation of government.... he simply fails to pay its demands. Many men otherwise honest are unable to see any moral turpitude in smuggling. ...government, in exacting toll, plays the part of the highwayman."
~ "The Kaasan Bay 'Find,'" editorial,
The Oregonian, Jan. 21, 1886, p. 2

Sanctioned Smugglers Déjà vu

"You see it in the headlines, you hear it every day. They say they're gonna stop it, but it doesn't go away. They move it through Miami and sell it in LA. They hide it up in Telluride, I mean it's here to stay. It's propping up the governments. in Columbia and Peru. You ask any D.A., man, they'll say there's nothing we can do. From the office of the president right down to me and you. Me and you. It's a losing proposition, but one you can't refuse. It's the politics of contraband, it's the smugglers' blues."
~ Glenn Frey

Colombians Uncover Drug Smuggling Sub

New Colombian Drug Smugglers Hold Tech Advantage

'After Two Puffs, I Was Turned Into a Bat'
Admitting to marijuana use became a popular way of avoiding conscription, and murderers cited the brainwashing powers of "an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality and death" to plead diminished responsibility for their crimes. Their claims were frequently supported by an expert witness, the pharmacologist Dr James Munch, who claimed that "after two puffs on a marijuana cigarette, I was turned into a bat". Sentences were commuted from death to imprisonment on Munch's evidence, and Anslinger had to ask him to stop testifying. full story

Losing the Mexican Drug War may be better than winning...

Ellen Rosenblum defeats Dwight Holden in race to be the state Democratic Attorney General nominee.

Medical Marijuana Ally Wins Oregon AG Race May 16 2012
In an Oregon primary election where medical marijuana was a prominent campaign issue, former judge and ally of the state's medical marijuana community Ellen Rosenblum came from behind to decisively defeat former interim US Attorney Dwight Holden Tuesday in the campaign for the Democratic Party's nominee for state attorney general. Drug reformers who aided the Rosenblum campaign said as election results came in that they showed attacking medical marijuana patients and their distribution systems was "not a smart political move." full story

“When I was a kid,
I inhaled frequently.
That was the point.”
~ Barack Obama

"When the President does it,
that means that it's not illegal."
~ Richard M. Nixon
TV interview with David Frost, May 20, 1977


Smuggling... Least Violates the Consciences of Men



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caroline01 5 years 5 weeks ago

Legalization of drugs is the only answer to the associated corruption and crime.

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