The Cruel and Unusual Execution of Clayton Lockett
The untold story of Oklahoma's botched lethal injection—and America’s intensifying fight over the death penalty

Both the attorney general, Scott Pruitt, and Governor Mary Fallin had elections coming up, and there were rumors that a Tea Party candidate might outflank Fallin on the right. Oakley believed they were worried about looking soft on crime.

Oklahoma lethal injection process muddled
by ‘inexcusable failure,’ grand jury finds

Oklahoma officials backed use of wrong drug
in botched execution – grand jury

Oklahoma Grand Jury Issues Report Detailing
"Blatant Violations" of the State's Execution Protocol

Scott Pruitt: The Facts

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s EPA nominee,
ordered to turn over thousands of emails

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office said Thursday night that Friday’s vote will go ahead as scheduled, though the calls to delay that vote will only grow over the next day. Mr. Pruitt must turn over the emails by Tuesday, according to the judge’s order.

“Scott Pruitt and Senate Republicans have made a mockery of the confirmation process, permitting the nominee to escape scrutiny and hide his deep ties to the fossil fuel industry. What is he hiding in all of these emails?” Melinda Pierce, legislative director at the Sierra Club, said in a statement.

Giving new fuel to critics who are demanding Senate leaders halt a vote on his confirmation to head the EPA, Scott Pruitt late Thursday was ordered by an Oklahoma judge to turn over thousands of unseen emails related to his communications with the oil-and-gas industry.

Trump's EPA Pick Is Poised to Slide Past a Lawsuit Into Office

EPA Pick Pruitt's "Radical Record" and Abundant Conflicts Probed
Pruitt spent his time as Oklahoma attorney general launching multiple legal attacks against the EPA—seemingly at the behest of fossil fuel companies

Drumpf 2016
A Chicken Coup: Chicken Hawks and Chicken Littles


The Cruel, Unusual, Botched. Blatant Violations, Muddled, Inexcusable Scott Pruitt



zapdam's picture
zapdam 22 weeks 2 days ago

Scott Pruitt just another right wing Trump pick , another self serving nut bag who should be locked up and institutionalized indefinitely. Instead most likely he'll officially join Drumpf's rogues gallery of crazies.

Legend 22 weeks 1 day ago

February 15th the temperature hit 99 in Southwest OK.

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