Before you hallow the bill before you into law, I implore you to consider what you are doing.

This country was founded on a simple but radical idea: that a crown of gold does not set one person higher than another, and that commoners have the same intrinsic rights as nobility. Before you make a mockery of that ideal with this wretched bill – before you destroy everything our patriots fought and died for – please consider the following.

For forty years the working people of this nation, those who strive daily to make a better life for themselves and their children, have seen their efforts get them less and less – while those who speculate, cheat and outright steal get more and more. They have seen their own political power diminish while the power of the craven few has grown. Recently they petitioned you for redress of these issues, and now you hand them the ultimate betrayal – a bill that amplifies everything that has laid waste to their dreams.

The bill the pseudo-aristocracy has so enticed you to support – the bill they have promised you so much to embrace – is a dark Rubicon in the fight the Founding Fathers began, a river that once crossed, cannot be uncrossed; for it marks the end of everything our Charters ordain. It is the final handing of power to those whose day should have passed on July 4, 1776 – those who would be King George.

If you do this terrible thing you will have shown yourselves not only to be faithless to every ideal this nation was founded on, but devoid of any sense of justice or mercy; you will have sold the most cherished dreams of every generation before you to the most craven of thieves, and dimmed forever the light of this nation in the eyes of the world.

I ask you to consider what your parents – many of them working people, who were able to bring you to greatness because this nation enabled their dreams – would think of what you are doing now. I ask you to consider how history will judge your actions. And I ask you to consider the terrible legacy you are leaving to generations yet to be.

Years from now when China, and our other creditors, come calling – and they will, as the population rises and our resources diminish – they will find a nation whose people have become again the chattel of the idle rich. And when they say we’ll gladly take the Grand Canyon, the Washington Monument, Yosemite – such lovely assets you have there – what will you say? Are you prepared to say to our grandchildren I traded the commonwealth of this nation for the means to my own ambitions? Because what you’ve done with this bill is very simple: you’ve chosen to keep your job by pleasing your donors at the sacrifice of doing your job of serving the people.

With this bill you’ve ransomed the fate of those who have worked hard all their lives to provide inherited wealth to those who have never worked. You’ve doomed our sagging infrastructure to further decay by negating all chance of repairing it. You’ve guaranteed the corruption of our democracy will continue unabated – that corporations, not the people, shall rule with an iron fist – and you’ve guaranteed the children of most citizens will lead bleaker lives than their parents did, and no matter how hard they strive, fall short of the American dream.

With this one bill you’ve decimated the hopes of all who believe in what our charters promise.

Every police officer, soldier, firefighter and paramedic in this nation will feel the burden of this bill soon enough, for with its ravaging of their fortunes you have said the protection they provide us is worth nothing and their contribution not worth paying for. You’ve said that a government that truly protects the people of the nation is a pipe dream, and that our citizens deserve not the protection of such a government. Is the anarchy that will surely be wrought by this perversion the future you want for the Home of the Brave?

Every innovator, every proprietor of a fledgling enterprise, every Main Street entrepreneur in this nation will soon know you have doomed their ambitions to failure, and engineered the triumph of the entrenched, the moribund, the mediocre behemoth. And those who seek truth in the once-free press will shortly find its remnants a wholly-owned subsidiary of those who have crossed your palms with silver. Is this what you owe to the Land of the Free?

And every seeker of the American dream will soon know your treachery, for this bill will eliminate thousands of teachers and deprive millions of a education. As we become the laughingstock of nations, our children less proficient in English than those who learn it abroad and so ignorant of science that Third World orphans outshine them, will you own your actions? Are you prepared to face the truth, that by dooming our children to such you have decreed this nation’s final decline?

You have said, with a stroke of your pen, the United States of America shall renounce its place among nations as a beacon of liberty and justice, and become once more what it was before Lexington and Concord. It shall no longer be a light unto the nations, but now stand for the very tyranny and aristocracy it was created to abolish. And you will forever be known as the ones who extinguished that flame.

You’ve torn from its moorings the very concept of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and you’ve nullified the very idea that laws are for the protection of the people, and that those laws must bind all. For with a stroke of your pen you have said the only people who matter are the ones who cross your palms with silver, and the purpose of law is to protect them, not the citizenry as a whole.

And finally: are you prepared to look at yourself in the mirror and know you undid everything the Founding Fathers risked all for? For with one stroke of your pen you’ve said this nation shall be owned and run by the privileged few rather than the many; you’ve said our Congress shall be the property of those with the means to bribe and threaten it; you have undone all that was accomplished in Philadelphia in 1776. When you finally meet your Creator can you look Him in the eye and answer for that?

When your flesh falls away and you draw your last breath there will only be one truth: you had one life and the right to do with it what you pleased, and you chose to spend it profaning the memory of every patriot who died for this country, by handing it into the keeping of those who care nothing for We the People, those who believe they have the God-given right to take the place of King George III. And this shall be your legacy; that you betrayed your oath and the peoples’ trust for thirty pieces of silver. For if you do this terrible thing, you forfeit not only your own soul, but the soul of this nation.

I implore you to consider this, for you are deciding the future of the United States of America, and both history and the people will not forgive what you have done.


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gumball 13 weeks 2 days ago

I think you may be a tad overdramatic here.

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Kilosqrd 13 weeks 13 hours ago


Overdramatic is an understatement. Dee is completely clueless about what founded this nation. She bought into the Obama and democrat notion that less than 2% GDP growth was the new norm. That gone were the days of 3% or greater GDP growth. Personally, I never understood that way of thinking.


rs allen 13 weeks 12 hours ago

So 2lbs of dope squared, just how was this nation founded?

Come on let's hear it.

Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 13 weeks 11 hours ago


Go read a history book. Or (better yet) get one with pictures so you can understand.


rs allen 13 weeks 8 hours ago

yeh, just as I thought....

Ya open your big mouth and won't back it up. In other words you're chickenshit.

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gumball 13 weeks 7 hours ago
Quote rs allen:

yeh, just as I thought....

Ya open your big mouth and won't back it up. In other words you're chickenshit.

You have to admit, this blog post is overdramatic. Or do you think it is accurate?

rs allen 13 weeks 5 hours ago

I have little truck with purple prose but a chickenshit white nationalist ayn randian historical revisionist piece of garbage hardly is one to be saying anything about what this country was founded on, how we came to the present state of affairs or where it is headed.

So you want to speak for 2# of dope squared gumbie? You agree with him? Go ahead I'll play.

Let's have a history lesson.

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gumball 13 weeks 4 hours ago
Quote rs allen:

I have little truck with purple prose but a chickenshit white nationalist ayn randian historical revisionist piece of garbage hardly is one to be saying anything about what this country was founded on, how we came to the present state of affairs or where it is headed.

So you want to speak for 2# of dope squared gumbie? You agree with him? Go ahead I'll play.

Let's have a history lesson.

Well, at the founding of our nation we didn't have an income tax for starters. Even up until WW2 federal taxes have always been well under 10 percent of GDP. This tax cut of around 150 billion a year of a 19 trillion+ economy is not particularly significant.

rs allen 12 weeks 6 days ago

Yeh, should we start listing all the other things besides income tax we didn't have at the founding? That list gets quite long.

Pre WWII the robber barons weren't paying fair share in either wages or taxes. Unions remedied a good portion of that situation.

If this latest tax cut is so piddling an amount why did the donor class twist so many arms to make it happen? Let's call it what it is, a bums rush through the back door for our Social Security and Medicare because you know and I know that those venal asswipes in washington have wet dreams about something called deficit when their not jerking off in the shower thinking about four star generals and war.

I forget where I ran across it but the article had quite a few of some of the lesser reported on pieces of this nightmare 'legislation'. When i find it again I'll post it for you, none of it was pretty.

Coalage3 12 weeks 3 days ago

Some companies have announced minimum wage increases for their employees, increased donations to charities and other causes, some bonuses for other employees.

Gosh, that is just awful news.

Coalage3 10 weeks 1 day ago

And now Walmart gets in on the act by increasing starting pay, giving bonuses, and increasing maternal leave benefits. Even the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, has spoken out in favor of the tax cuts. And the stock market is at record highs.

This just keeps getting worse every day.

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