I posted one a bit ago with the wrong link to it. Sorry. Here is the one I meant to post. Check it out, am original song by me https://youtu.be/XWxX4wPpQdw


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zapdam 38 weeks 4 days ago


Listened to your song, you're uniquely interesting. You remind me of creative people from the past. Captain Beefheart, one of my favorite artists. Listen up!


Musical creativity can lead you anywhere.


rs allen 38 weeks 3 days ago

You looking for a critique Demo? Or just wanting to get some air play?

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Why Don't Norwegians Immigrate to the United States?

This is from Occupy Democrats: "Dear Trump: this is why Norwegians don't immigrate to America."

The World Happiness Rank for the United States, we're number 19 - Norway, number one.