Rupert Murdock

See what’s happening with Murdock in the UK:

The roof is beginning to cave in for Rupert Murdock, CEO of World News Service the parent company of FOX-SO-CALLED news. Murdock’s reporters will do anything to get a sensationalist news story, even break the law, invade others privacy, even sacrifice a little girls life, it seems. Too bad they couldn’t put a little of that devotion to whistle blowing news about the corruption between big business and government. It would be nice to hear about the corruption that’s occurring between the large international corporations and the government (police state) of China and our one party system of Democrats/Republicans. It would be nice to know why World News Service is a propaganda arm (FOX News in the USA) of that corruption conspiracy. Of course, precious little immoral billionaire Rupert Murdock won’t personally suffer anything. He’ll be safe living in Beijing, China with his third wife. His company will suffer a little from new regulations, but not much I bet. Murdock will pay off the right people in the UK/USA governments to cushion and dilute any new regulations passed. And FOX-so-called news will go on as usual telling everybody that the little guy sucks in this world and rich people shine like a bright star---rich people are perfect and could never do anything wrong or immoral. Only poor people are bad especially if they organize in any way such as through labor unions---the government is bad if the majority get laws passed protecting them from the corruption of large international corporations---the poor and the middle class are bad if they attempt to get a fair shake in the world---only the wealthy work hard, poor people are poor because they didn’t work hard enough (total bullshit). Fox-so-called news enshrines the large corporation and the wealthy with beloved religious zeal. Very very sicko is World News Service and Rupet Murdock.


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