How To Convert Trump's Name Into Money For Resisting Him

My wife and I have been struggling in recent days to not mention the name of our new "leader" at all during our waking hours (we can't help it if we shout it out during a nightmare), especially not in combination with the word "President," and especially not first thing in the morning, as it disrupts our appetite for breakfast. I was the first offender this morning. So, we're considering using a market mechanism to reduce the occurrence of this profanity: we fine ourselves a dollar for each time one of us utters his name, and twice that if uttered in combination with the word, "President."

I let his name slip this morning after hearing that the "<censored> transition team" had requested that the Army loan them some anti-aircraft guns and some tanks for the inaugural parade. It reminded me of those parade's in North Korea and other sad little nations run by narcissistic dictators. So, I suggested that we should refer to OUR dictator as "Kim Jong-<censored>." My wife tells me she heard him referred to as "Hair Führer" (or was it "furor"?).

What if millions of people all agreed to fine themselves in this manner (whatever they could afford ... maybe as little as 25 cents each time) and then send the accumulation periodically to some worthy resistance organization, one that brings lawsuits (like Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, ACLU or NRDC, etc)?

Like Father Guido Sarducci's 25 cent fine for the venal sin of masturbation, "that a'one could really add up!"