It's time to invent a new economy. It's time to finally bring the 21st Century economy into the present.

What we need to do is to invent a new economic model utilizing today's technology, that creates a world of freedom, mobility, and entrepreneurship. We need a model not dependent on massive capital efforts, or on bogus speculation by Wall Street tycoons with things like derivatives, but one built on sustainable growth that produces lasting value.

Imagine creating an economy based on concepts like playfulness, inventiveness, and freedom. Everything starts by rethinking what we're doing, looking at what doesn't work, and building from the ground up. (The Reagan/GOP model is built on the concept of greed is good. We're experiencing the collapse and pain of that debacle. Let's look at economics from a concept of abundance versus scarcity. )

What we need is a ground up economic revolution. With all the mobile technology we have there's no need for people to really drive robotically to and from work 5 days a week from 9-5. Seriously, I can use my iPhone or Droid and make money remotely. I can use my laptop anywhere there's wifi, and with iPads and the upcoming slew of new mobile devices and cloud computing, does it really make sense to continue the paradigm of the 20th century? I don't think so.

The GOP wants to take America back to the 19th century with their Robber Baron economics, the Democrats seem to want to keep the 20th century going. It's time to move on. That's what we progressives do, move forward.

Lets build economies locally that can connect to the world globally with modern technology. We no longer need to be dependent on working 50 hours a week, 50 weeks out of the year for 50 years at the same job. Do Democrats really want to bring that back? It's so 20th Century. It's time to train and educate Americans to think like small business tycoons not employees.

We have the means and technology to build a sustainable economy built on a concept beside greed. We can take the concepts of playfulness, invention, and entrepreneurship, and focus on building sustainable communities. It may sound pie in the sky at first, but we need to start to think long-term in our economic approach, we need to think about future generations of people, and we need to think about the impact we have on the environment.

The internet combined with cheap greatly accessible mobile technology gives us the ability to be connected to each other, and to not fall into the trap of being stuck in a dead end job that sucks our soul as we mindlessly consume and trash the planet.

It worked great for a generation or two, but those days are gone and it would take a massive long-term political struggle to restore that.

If we create micro-preneurship, encourage the government to bolster local businesses to thrive, that would start to produce more jobs through competition. We could add entrepreneurial training to school curriculum so that kids are no longer trained to simply be obedient employees. (Standardized testing, for example, is not real education, that's a post for another time.)

I think it's time we rethink economics, look at what works and what doesn't, rebuild, reinvent, reboot and go forward. We need a spirit of inventiveness, innovation, and inspiration. We can't wait for a politician or big business fat cat to lead us from the sinking ship that is the American economy. It's time for us to create something new.

I propose we can begin this new revolution in economic thinking using the internet. We can create local entrepreneur groups that educate and inform people how to build grass roots business that follow people's passions. (Such groups can easily be created using or

I don't fully know what this could look like, its simply a baby idea, but I think the time is now to invent something new. What do we want? How do we want it to work? How can we create an economy that benefits and sustains communities, and benefits the environment? As we form groups, we can stay connected via the internet. Memes will be spread virally, new ideas will be created, and a spirit of inventiveness can take root.

The whole concept hit me as I was watching Star Trek the Next Generation. (Ah, the joys of unemployment.) I began to wonder how they could develop an economy where people could pursue their passions, dreams, and adventures like in that time. Technology was the answer. There's a concept in physics called a Type II civilization. (Google, "Kardashev Scale") Whether we like it or not, we're are on this planet together. If you look from a future based perspective, aka 7th generation thinking, it become very apparent that we need to figure out how to get along now, and create a world that is beneficial to humanity and all life on earth. If we don't, we'll eventually go extinct like the dinosaurs. Human extinction would really really suck. I mean really really suck. Really!

The concept of a 21st century economy is far more appealing than the models of the past two centuries. Forward the future!!!


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